A show about Welfare, Woe, and the further path of the European Union after the departure of the United Kingdom you should make, actually, with 28 participants from all member States. Sorry, with 27. The British are now out soon. Maybrit Illner continued on policy of scientific and historical Expertise, with a English-British, English-British, European, and a European Urbayern.

controversy of the Night : No. It is what it is. Now, since all Parties agreed, to make the Best of it.

round of applause of the Evening : there Was for the political scientist, Linn Selle, and your throw: “I think it is a pity that only the governments of talk” when it comes to the Drift away from Europe. In mind the need to maintain “the populations”, where the belonging to Europe have always also means an affiliation to democratic conditions.

Brüsselerin of the Night : Katarina Barley, the Federal Minister of justice, with a British and a German passport, the SPD top candidate for the European elections in the coming year. You would, of course, “voted against the exit”. That Italy wants to violate the stability Pact, given that have already been done by other States (including Germany), but: “What we will never tolerate, that countries adopt the rule of law consensus”.

bulrush of the Night : Came out of Andreas Rödder, historian: “Only because the British exit from the European Union, disappearance of the British Islands, in the Depths of the Atlantic”.

the unification of the Evening : Edmund Stoiber (CSU), the historian Rödder and the political scientist, Selle point in unison to the fact that there is, for example, in Italy, youth unemployment is more than 40 percent – and other grievances, which are not only counted by populist forces of European austerity policies.

review of the Night : Again, the historian, referring to the different perspectives on Brussels. For France, it’s “an insurance policy against Germany” have been, for Germany, “a rehabilitation program”, for Eastern Europeans, a promise of democracy and so on. Here flexibility is in demand, “” empty speech “of the value of community”. Instead: “empathic realism”.

the appeal of the Night : if the Rödder, would have to compete in the reason, immediately as the top candidate of any very pragmatic party in the European elections. The Brexit challenge “the constructive and fantasy, and productivity” of the EU, to make the get-togethers in the future “flexible”. Not as an “ever closer union”, but as an Association of Diverse.

against speech of the Evening : Linn Selle do not want a pragmatic Europe of the lowest common denominator: “We need to think about: Where do we want to go?”

analogy of the Night : Anne McElvoy, journalist of “the Economist”, to the question of why Theresa May hold up for so long: “Well … who wants the Job? In Germany, everyone wants the Job of the Chancellor to time”.

Star of the Night : Edmund Stoiber. He scattered only findings such as those that the outlet had, “as there would escape, ten, twelve other countries”, because it’s just so great this Britain. He also admitted to have last twice a strong mistake, while Brexit and at Trump: “The two decisions in a row have been made, were misleading”. And he brings champagne-like clarity in Italian conditions, where the fascist Lega Nord, in coalition with the Five star movement: “The government, if I may say so, from the AfD and the pirate party”.

Dialog of the Evening : Rödder: “What is being decided in the British Parliament or not, no one knows, not even …” Stoiber from the page: “God!” Rödder mercilessly: “no, not that one!”

Tenor of the Evening : And? The Brexit is the end of the European Union? Yes. No. Maybe. And if not will go to our tiny Asian promontory.

graphics for Brexit Deal of the negotiations, So it goes in the Brexit Poker