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read told As Valeska Nolte to your friends that you and your husband will move to the country, looked at you with big eyes and asked: “Why?” Nolte is 35, her husband John, 36. Both are Doctors, and lived for a long time in Hamburg. There, in the port city they had a permanent position in the hospital, he also the prospect in the University hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf career. But in the spring of 2014, the two put on your notice at work, Packed their bags and moved to Bad Arolsen, a small town in Northern Hesse, Germany. Instead of secure permanent employment the practice followed in the country. Instead of the Elbphilharmonie, the castle concert.

hospitals, 5,000 Physicians

missing to make The Nolte’s are exactly what the German health system wants: two young Doctors, who decide on the country independently. Because there is a lack of doctors and many Doctors have problems finding your practice to a successor, has been known for years. According to estimates by the kassenärztliche bundesvereinigung (KBV) in the absence of the hospitals currently over 5,000 Doctors, in the established area of more than 3,000 – and nationwide. Also, the Roland Stahl, spokesman for the CBD, speaks of a “shortage of Doctors in the country”. So it will be in the next few years, for many rural regions are critical: The average age of the physician is now around 54 years. This means that, soon, many practice owners are due to the inside the age of retirement. And while more and more young people move to the city, increasing the average age of the remaining rural population. Due to the poor infrastructure, the people also have more and more difficulties to reach the Doctors who are there. Many physicians today also prefer to do that than to make for themselves. For a permanent position with social security is not only comfortable, but also safer – especially if you plan to start a family.

To young doctors, such as the Nolte’s to facilitate the Start into self-employment, have come up with policies and the physicians ‘ associations of the countries, therefore, a wide range of funding opportunities. So-called practice of exchanges to facilitate the search of a free cashier’s seat. On the platforms, Doctors can offer their practices for sale, or even a request to give up. How many practices have changed over the platform, yet their owners, can’t say the CBD. Who is in the state of Baden-Württemberg, an area in which there are too few Doctors,, is also promoted with up to 80,000 Euro, Bavaria even with up to 112.500 euros. Whether a Region is under-supplied or not, is decided according to a calculation of the p / b ratio, which determines how many Doctors need a Region. In North Rhine-Westphalia, there are now a country doctor quote: those Who are committed to prior to the study to go for a couple of years in the country, gets a study place, regardless of the NC.

Affordable housing in the country

But is this enough to motivate young Doctors, such as Nolte’s, to move to the country? What are the benefits of life away from the big city? And what are the reasons, why doctors are heading and in a small town like Bad Arolsen their luck are looking for?

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it was The Nolte’s, especially their children. The Youngest is two, and the other four years old. The third is expected to be born in December. What is lacking in the port city of however, affordable housing and free daycare. In Bad Arolsen, the daycare centre is just around the corner, the word waiting list is for the educator to be a foreign word. Instead of the rent for a four room flat reject the setters, be stolen in a house, from the hallway regularly, the strollers, the Nolte’s is now a freshly renovated house with garden, which is affordable for you. “Since the paths are generally shorter, able to walk our children to school an hour later,” says Nolte and alone. The practice of her and her husband is only a 15-minute walk away. In addition, Valeska Nolte comes from Bad Arolsen, she knows here, she likes the small town and its infrastructure. Not only the traffic, but also the cultural.

This means: For the case that the Nolte’s have a nostalgia for the city and their local friends, there is a good connection with the ICE, the children not only the nursery, but also the Gymnasium is available and in the city of castle concerts are held on a regular basis. “Unlike in cities such as Hamburg in Bad Arolsen, no gentrification,” says Nolte: Poorer people are driven out by ever increasing Rents and all walks of life. “This creates a very different social interaction,” she says. The idea that small towns are piefig and boring, this is not true in your opinion.

For a Doctor in the hospital children also mean a career setback. After all, who does not work full-time, can not ascend. Your children to see almost the whole day, came for Nolte but not out of the question. “As a freelancer, I am much more flexible,” she says. The practice times you and your husband determine.

“at the Latest in three to four years, the municipality is under supplied.”

Valeska Nolte, 35 years old, a medical doctor in Bad Arolsen

The Problem: According to the kassenärztliche Vereinigung (KV) of Hesse applies to Bad Arolsen is not as under powered and, therefore, the Nolte’s received hardly any funding. “Really absurd,” says the 35-Year-old. Because even if it is in Bad Arolsen, currently still enough Doctors, so the average age spent in the place at about 65. “At the latest in three to four years, the municipality is undersupplied,” says Nolte. The little bit of money that you received from the KV Hesse for their establishment, covered just a third of the investment.

Stefan Etgeton is familiar with the Problem. He studied at the Bertelsmann Foundation, the care of patients in Germany can be improved. In 2014, he has published with his colleagues, as well as a critical examination of requirements planning. “In the calculation, how many children, family doctors and orthopedic surgeons, a Region needs, is currently involved in neither the question of how many patient’s are there in the village, income and educational structure,” said Etgeton. However, this is important, because people who are socially poor, have been known to have a higher risk of getting sick. The more people in need of care has a Region, the more Doctors will be needed. And Yes, also the age of the Doctors should be taken into account, the Bertelsmann-expert.

omissions, which in the meantime has also recognized the policy. When soon applied to the Reform of planning policy, socio-demographic factors will be in the future. “Until the Reform is, in practice, it will take a few years,” said Etgeton.