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“read Find the here in need of renovation?”, ask Christ sword and looks around in the so-called President of the chamber of Commerce welcomes guests. The “once magnificent” room effect “in need of renovation,” wrote the evening Gazette recently. Degen, Executive Director of the chamber of Commerce, annoys the visible. Your companions shake their heads, no, no, everything from see here properly. Then you wait more.

The chamber has invited to the press conference. It should go to the China summit, one of the chamber of Commerce organized conference. China’s highest business representatives, Vice Prime Minister Liu He, will come this year, we’re proud of. At the call experts to explain how important the country is as a trading partner for the city. The chamber of Commerce want to be meet again, your task is: voice and service provider for the Hamburg economy.

But nobody comes. Some journalists would have lost in the building, it is the same. After a few minutes of sword on there. “Then we make it exclusive for the TIME.”

This article dates back to the TIME no 48/2018. Here you can read the entire issue.

the content that would like to represent the chamber of Commerce, not interest in Hamburg’s media currently. For their internal problems all the more. At the same time as the poorly attended press conference in the chamber of two kilometers there is a kind of competitive event – to have loaded the opponents of the chamber of Commerce-leadership. In the Grand Elysée Hotel, several TV channels have set up their cameras, the room is full of journalists. In February of 2017, a group called “The chamber had We won” in the election to the chamber of Commerce-plenary session, absolute majority. Since then, the “rebels” are in Power. And since there is dispute. Now has formed a new rebel group, which wants to replace the old rebels. “The strong economy of Hamburg” is the name of the group that is presenting here today. You want to plunge in the next chamber elections of 2020, the rebel from the throne. Your critique of The economic representation deal only with themselves and no longer represent the interests of the company.

The uprising began with a question: Must be the chamber so undemocratic?

The Drama began in 2011 when was elected in a business consultant Tobias Bergmann into the chamber, and uncomfortable questions were asked. Must be the chamber so undemocratic? How about more transparency? What the boss deserves to be on here?

Bergmann became the champion of the Reform of the chamber. In 2014, he was chosen with eleven like-minded people into the chamber. The rebels were disturbed by many things. The fact that the chamber loudly as the voice of the economy occurred with positions on all Sorts of school policy, Olympia, and Harley Days. The fact that these positions were primarily those of the chief Executive, Hans-Jörg Schmidt-Trenz, the elected representatives only nod. Or the fact that this CEO earned a half a Million Euro in a year and a Chauffeur to drive around.

The rebels called for more transparency and to ensure that small businesses are better taken into account. But only with the requirement that they abolish the mandatory contributions of the companies for the chamber, came to her breakthrough. The choice at the beginning of 2017, they won 55 of the 58 seats in the plenary. An overwhelming success against the old elites, one of the oldest institutions in the city.

The rebels launched with Elan. They made the meetings more transparent, announced Schmidt-Trenz. Then the problems started: The severance of the old Executive Director at a cost of more than a Million euros. And the successor, the search was difficult, probably because they had announced to cap the salary. The desire candidate said, only after half a year, the rebels, with Christ presented a sword to a successor, who had previously been at the chamber of Commerce in Bayreuth terminated.

on sober reflection, the rebels have achieved a lot. The chamber is democratic and transparent as never before. The new leadership has increased the efficiency: Instead of eleven, there are only five areas of the business, the number of managers is decreased. Of the 260 employees have to go through 2021 expected to be 60.

But your most important promise is not kept, the Reformer, the abolition of the compulsory contributions. The contributions of the member companies make up about 40 million Euro per year, the majority of the chamber’s budget. That it would be possible to put these payments in only three years, on zero, had experts doubted early on. In the meantime, the have viewed the rebels. The Trouble is large: Of the election, the speech is a fraud. The top rebel miner had to apologize for the miscalculation.

Over all, the rebels argue, even about the choice of the mineral water

With the common goal of miner’s lost followers also. An Insider says: “The rebel group is gone with a certain amount of ignorance to work.” Your one and only Kitt was the opposition to the Establishment. After the abolition of the duty had posts fail, began spats.

Former employees of the chamber remember that unimportant detail questions would have led to discord. Which bottled water is to order the chamber, had been to all the meetings of the Bureau in the past year a theme. Insiders report that in the internal communication App, the rebels around the clock, it was argued, insults, and temper tantrums included. The interests of the 180,000 member companies have, apparently, often from the point of view.

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one Who speaks with the President of Tobias Bergmann, hits a Rest, and Driven with many goals, too many perhaps, and the changes in breakneck speed. “Our victory was a bit as if the pirates would have won 90 percent of the seats in the Parliament,” he said shortly after the election. He will now have to govern in a democracy without Opposition, but with a heterogeneous group of people who understand themselves as rebels. “There are different interests, different temperaments.”

So he should keep right. The truth is, however, a miner makes a lot of mistakes.

In a conversation with the mirror, he compared himself with the French revolutionary Robespierre, which earned him criticism, because the Frenchman was known to be anything other than peaceful, and even ridicule, because of the revolutionary that ended just at the end on the Guillotine.