has many negative comments: punch star Vanessa may

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punch star Vanessa may (26, “I will die for you”) has surprisingly moved their big Arena Tour in the autumn. It’m currently in a “creative process” and work on new Songs, said the singer in a Statement on their social channels. A new Tour period is not yet fixed yet and you already purchased the cards must first be returned. Bad news for the Fans react mixed on the sudden cancellation. Some of their Anger in the social media air. Others also show a lot of understanding.

“Creative excuse”

“For me, a very flimsy justification […]. If a Tour is booked, then you should also prepare for the program by the deadline – unless, of course illness, because I would have, of course, fully understand,” commented a Facebook user for the cancellation. “A very creative excuse for ‘I have no desire to play in half-empty halls,'” summarizes a other User of his own theory.

Even possible offspring is speculated: “it May be that you’re pregnant? It all the signs are now really becoming more and more” for example on Instagram. Also in the case of Instagram, a user writes, annoyed: “Really bad, we have the cards for almost a year. My daughter got the card last month to your birthday 1. Series you liked it a Mega. Thanks for nothing except Hassle and running around-now!”

“For your honesty we love you”

However, many Fans showed apparently complete understanding, why may expressed his gratitude via Instagram with her Fans. “Thank you for the incredible number of positive comments under my last post and also for your understanding!”, the singer writes to a photo, makes a kiss mouth.

comments like that are probably Meant: “too Bad I was already so very OK looking forward but. It is really nice that you’re honest, that’s why we love you.” Or: “dear Vanessa, do what you think is right. The people who complain now, don’t know what as for a work in the preparations.”

However, Even under your last Post negative comments are piling up. “I think it’s a pity that not even the negative comments will be entered”, for example, writes a Userin. And many other Fans can’t continue to give Corn and justification satisfied. So, a User writes: “As it would be with the truth?”