Currently it is in Apple’s blow: On Monday, the group showed a surprisingly new iPad models, a day later, there will be updated iMacs. On Wednesday, the second Generation of the AirPods followed. Presented for the first time the cable-free In-Ear headphones in September, 2016, together with the iPhone 7, the first Apple phone without a headphone Jack. Since then, they have been offered unchanged.

AirPods listen to “Hey Siri”

Visually, everything remains the second AirPods-Generation when Old: The Design is unchanged, hopes of a new color variant in Space grey. The headphones there continue to be only in White.

For example, the specifically for the headphones developed H1 Chip is inserted in the Interior of new technology. The small Chip increases the power efficiency and allows an hour more of Talk time. Overall, you can speak with one battery charge, up to three hours, in the first Generation after two hours – this corresponds to an increase of 50 percent.

in Addition, allows the H1 Chip the activation of the built-in voice assistant via “Hey Siri”voice command. The function is already on the iPhone or Macbook. Until now you had to activate Siri by double tap on the headphone. In addition, the headphones connect faster with other devices, making it seamless between multiple devices and can switch, promises Apple.

AirPods charging case with Qi support

another new feature is the previously announced charge case, offering further cargoes for up to 24 hours and wirelessly with any Qi-compatible charger can be charged. The charging case is also available separately.

The new AirPods can be ordered now for € 179 in the default load case, 229 euros for the variant with wireless charging case costs. Who wants to only acquire the new load case, must pay 89 euros.

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