Facebook could set up a separate area for media content. The Online network is wool stronger “lifting high quality and trusted News”, said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a on Monday published an interview with Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner.

he also completed license payments to participating media. At the same time, Zuckerberg stressed that the Plan was still at the very beginning, and Facebook wants him to develop, together with the industry.

In Facebook’s attitude to media content, it had been in the past few years, Changes. First of all, the Online network has been an increasingly important platform for media companies to reach users. But then Facebook has, among other things, in the Wake of the US presidential election campaign in 2016 for the mass dissemination of false news miss – and had to admit, to be poorly prepared.

about a year Ago, Zuckerberg announced that contributions from family and friends to get in the Newsfeeds of users more weight than media content. The idea of a separate area for media content – this path goes, among other things, the competitor of Snapchat rejected Facebook at the time.

Döpfner stressed, for a media company, a working business model, and the direct access to users, is particularly important. Attractive terms and conditions for publishers would also contribute to the high-quality content coming on the platform, said the Chairman of the Board of the Axel Springer media group. Based on the EU copyright reform, he said, that Facebook would need to acquire as a platform, a license for media content. The Facebook chief said, you’ll think about it.

Zuckerberg also said, the media could see the offer Facebook Watch for Videos similar. The users are displayed content of the pages you subscribe to, as well as other popular Videos. “Everything we do is customized,” he clarified at the same time. Facebook will, however, do not employ their own journalists.