“We believe it will bring the whole industry forward” – so Apple teaserte in the autumn of 2017 will be the biggest Failure of the last decades. The charging Mat AirPower should revolutionize the wireless Charging. Until recently, thrilled Fans of the Mat, again and again, notes on a soon-to-Appear, appeared. Now, Apple had to stop the project. It is the first announced and then Appear before set Hardware-product of the group for over 30 years.

the Hype was justified to AirPower. Smartphones wirelessly to download works on the QI Standard for years, Apple was actually quite late to the Party. You wanted to break up but the most annoying limitations of the standard. In the case of conventional charging, only one unit can be loaded mats at the same time, it must be at an exact Position. AirPower should be able to refuel, however, three devices, such as iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time, no matter where the are now. A much more user-friendly solution.


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By Christoph Fröhlich (Too) big ambitions

Now this Ambition seems to be exactly the reason for the Failure. “After many efforts, we have drawn the conclusion that AirPower can’t meet our high expectations, and have completed the project,” said Apple’s Senior Vice President for Hardware development, As Riccio, on Friday in an E-Mail to the press. You think more of the wireless future.

What exactly is behind the Failure, does not reveal the Apple. According to experts, the heat-development is likely to be the biggest Problem. To allow multiple devices and the Load at any point, needed to coil the System significantly more Load than conventional products. The resulting heat is not get a handle on, explained some of the Apple employees already in the last autumn, compared to Apple Blogger John Gruber.


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By Malte Mansholt Unsolvable problems

Still, Apple seems to be until the end have been sure that you can make it. In the AirPower-announcement-functioning models were presented, then it was quiet for a while with the charging Mat. The vague as the publication date referred to the year 2018 passed without any real clues. This year, it suddenly went wrong again. On the packaging of the new AirPods on the Mat popped up in the current iPhone System 12.2. At the beginning of March, there were rumors that mass production had begun. And suddenly that was the end officially.

in fact, it has managed to Apple in the past more often, great promise on the last meters to redeem. In the case of the first double camera in the iPhone 7 Plus, not every Problem was just before the notion of a fixed, Apple had kept to the last a variant with a single camera as a stopgap ready. Already at the launch of the first iPhone, the engineers had to fear, whether on the stage, everything would work. Steve Jobs should have been desperate to yourself around the screen, would be the history of the smartphone would be different.


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By Christoph Fröhlich says Only a single Hardware-total loss

Real total failures in the case of Apple, but the exception. In the case of Software, you had to cope with using Facetime as an open Standard, operating system, Copland, and others failures. The last – and only – already announced a Hardware product, which was then deleted again, goes back more than 30 years. With own Macintosh Office Suite the group wanted to do in 1985, IBM competition, sold a network System of computers, laser printers, and file servers. The Server to Apple was able to deliver but never. He should first be submitted, before its completion, but was the rest of the Suite due to lower sales from the trading.

With delays Apple had to fight in recent years, however, more and more often. The iPhone X and iPhone Xr, Apple released only a few weeks after the announcement. Facetime for groups, has been repeatedly pushed back, even after Release because of security problems and again switched off. The first AirPods came later as announced, also the wireless charging case for the headphones, the group had presented long before the start of sales, together with AirPower. Unlike the charging Mat, it came last week in the trade.