Capital Bra was covered by the Modern Talking Hit “Cheri, Cheri Lady”

©imago/photo press Müller

The most unusual collaboration in the German music scene is, apparently, a huge success: In the night from Thursday to Friday, the Rapper Capital Bra (24) presented his Version of the Modern Talking hit “Cheri, Cheri Lady” online on Youtube. In a few hours, the Video was clicked to “Cherry Lady” is already 500,000 Times. The native Russian raps in his distinctive style to the catchy tune of the 80s classic from the pen of Dieter Bohlen (65).

Previously, the two disparate musicians, announced the Release already on the Instagram page of Dieter Bohlen together. The cooperation is a dispute between the two actually went. Bohlen claimed in an Interview with “image” that would remember, after 35 years, no one in the music of Capital Bra. Also, most rappers would be rapping from luxury cars, but with the “Bicycle in your Two-room-apartment”. Capital, Bra responded and showed on Instagram his apartment and his sports car.