Axel Voss CDU-European politician and chief negotiator for the planned EU copyright reform, which will be adopted next week. Against the project there are massive protests of numerous associations and groups, according to a destination is Voss already disc for criticism. Now, of mockery and malice, because the 55-Year-old has revealed in an Interview with “Vice” some of the knowledge gaps. And the network has responded, how the network reacts in such a case.

But from the front. Critics of the planned Reform of the EU fear that this would curtail the free and open Internet. It is planned that the operator would be responsible if copyrighted Material is posted on their pages. Experts agree that this would be only with the so-called upload filter is possible, i.e. programs that control the Material already on Upload and lock, if necessary. Experts have just agreed that content would be blocked that should be blocked. Not a few fear of censorship. In particular, parodies, remixes and Memes could to recognized be wrong from the Grid.

Now the chief negotiator Voss, who wants to be project and also against the resistance by pressing defend, just that in the Interview with “Vice”. In it, he claims, first, that you want to address the fears of Memes, and co. with the exception of rules and that the work will. On further questioning, he then says two things make for much ridicule he acknowledges that this is all 100 percent working, maybe it is””, because: “I am not a technician and cannot tell you whether you can distinguish remixes really well.” On the other hand he says: “But in the case of Google, there’s still the page where you can Memes click, a right section.” And he clarified: “Yes, because you can click right on it. Memes. That is, something must be there that you will recognize such Memes!”

especially on Twitter Voss then had to take a lot. The users accuse him of, to have questions after the concrete feasibility of his plans in order abgebügelt, “not a technician”. But above all, they make fun of, that he has invented a Google-section, the there are so. He mentioned “Memes” – which, curiously, are shown, when Axel Voss Google – it is in fact only the search related suggestions that appear above the results.

Prompt the SPD-politician Timo Wölken made, also with the Reform of the EU has, over his colleagues, funny, and tweeted: “I just searched on #google the heading of #memes. Has she found someone?” Then the thing started really because of the official Account “CDU/CSU posted in Europe” Screenshots from the above-mentioned search related proposals, and ‘we know best’ wrote: “Since @AxelVossMdEP knows probably better than @woelken. Google can filter his search #Memes pretty well out of it.#service tweet”

Even from the own party, there was ridicule. CDU-man Matthias Hauer tweeted “today Could the show please give the Twitter Account of the @CDU_CSU_EP? Otherwise, such Tweets are not to explain…”

in fact, Google is able to recognize Memes, and collect, both under the above-mentioned search words, as well as directly in the image search, for example, if you enter Memes to a search term. With his Argument Voss has taken so strictly legal. It is, of course, but not to your own Google section. In addition, large parts of the Internet are not necessarily for discussions on the physical level. And so the Hashtag #Axel was created surfing, “so that all who search for ‘Axel Voss’, see things from a past, in the Axel for the last time Voss was online”. A selection:

And perhaps the most fun incidence of this was satire portal “der Postillon”:

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