Earl Stones (Clint Eastwood) debt are higher than his waistband

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An old (and hard) dog you can’t teach new Tricks? Of due! In the re-Union of personnel as the Director and star Clint Eastwood (88) shows a facet of his play, which seemed not to belong as yet to his Repertoire: the age mild. One other quality he has, at least in the case of his new strip “The Mule”, apparently lost.

By the Lily breeders at the drug courier

For the man about town, and flowers breeders ‘ Earl Stone (Eastwood), the own pleasure is always first and in front of the family. Only in old age, the middle notes loose man, how selfish his previous life was. But instead of groveling in front of his loved one crosses, he wants to conquer back with money in your respect. To be able to for the wedding of his granddaughter advent, it agrees to provide to the foolish Plan to smuggle a drug cartel cocaine.

to be Because of his Mature age, the spotless record, and not least because of his charm seems to be the war veteran literally invisible to the police officers. Increasing amounts of drug to be entrusted to him. When he doesn’t deliver due to a family drama to a load as reliably as usual, attach the gangsters on his heels – which, of all caution, in Spite of the narc stick…

based on true events

“The Mule” is based on the true story of Leonard Sharp, who was in old age to a most reliable drug mule for the Mexican Sinaloa cartel and nicknamed “El Tata” (“grandpa”) developed. Screenwriter Nick Schenk decorates this template now for the dream factory of typical Railways. At least in front of the camera was found in the Person of Clint Eastwood, the perfect cast of himself, because he has produced the strip.

it is amazing how you surprised given the age mild of an 88-Year-old can be. A decade ago, in the respectable age of 78, was Eastwood in “Gran Torino” still in a teasing mood, as in his best “Dirty Harry”-times: “Yes, I will blow a hole in the face! And then I go back inside and sleep like a Baby! Pigs like you, we have stacked up in Korea two meters high, and as sand bags!”

the Same man breeds now flowers, flirts with ladies of any age and smooth but has fun in life? Unthinkable! With “The Mule” proves Eastwood, that he can raise softer strings. Even if he did not miss the opportunity to show threats of Macho-gangsters, the cold, cool, bony shoulder. A wimp he is not.

The downside

What is the respect demanded of an actor, wants to film not succeed but. For East woods unusually tough the promise of advancing the story, which is reminiscent of your mood and premise of a little bit of “Breaking Bad”. The two drug investigators, after all of the Hollywood greats Bradley Cooper (44) and Laurence Fishburne (57) embodies, like all the other secondary characters frighteningly pale and one-dimensional. Where “Gran Torino” was the perfect blend of Drama, Humor, emotion, and conflict, “The Mule” at the end of the cinema day, shockingly cold.


“The Mule” proves Clint Eastwood impression, which unsuspected acting talents, even with 88 years is still latent in it. What impressed in front of the camera, do not want to get behind her, at least this Time. Here, you can’t get rid of the feeling that a lot of potential of good material was wasted. And good fabric will not be wasted, the white only the cartel.