New spy scandal with Facebook: The company has paid for, among other things, also to teenagers of money to gain access to your entire activities on Smartphones. Users of the App Facebook Research in the age between 13 and 35 years of age would get up to $ 20 a month, wrote for the technology blog “TechCrunch”. The network researched in order according to its own information Online habits. Facebook stressed that users had given in the application, your consent for data collection. The extent is likely to be the least aware of. Since 2016 current App project is now set.

With the requested permissions could access the App, among other things, to conversations in Chat services, sent photos and Videos, addresses of visited sites and data from positioning applications, said IT security expert Wants to Stra professional “TechCrunch”. The users had to install a so called Root certificate, the full access to the device allows. How powerful these certificates are likely to lay only in exceptional cases, aware of.


Fake Facebook Profiles: attack of the clone-friends

By Malte Mansholt

it remained Unclear, initially, what information exactly Facebook was interested. Users had been prompted to a list of your Amazon orders to be submitted.

Facebook wants to know more

According to “TechCrunch” has not always been obvious to most people that Facebook is behind the other platforms for App Tests displaced persons application. Facebook. “It wasn’t ‘secretly’; the Name was literally Facebook Research App,” said a spokesman. Also, it was no spying on the user, because si



subscription instead of advertising? Why I never Facebook would pay

By Malte Mansholt

e informed and paid. Facebook makes no indication of which regions of the studies, App has been widely used. Less than five percent of them were Teenagers – and in this case, parents would have agreed.

The Online network operation previously, the App Onavo, which was advertised as a secure VPN Tunnel connection. At the same time, the App Facebook but they also supplied important information about what other services when users are Online popular. Apple exiles Onavo last year, following a tightening of the rules for the data access of Apps from its Download platform.

Facebook keeps constantly on the lookout for popular new Apps that could steal the network users and responds quickly. The photo-platform Instagram and the Chat service WhatsApp were bought. In the case of Snapchat, the acquisition attempt failed – instead, Facebook copied the popular Stories feature, and was more successful than Snapchat itself.

Apple bypassed

The App Facebook Research was installed on the iPhones of Apple is over, “wrote TechCrunch”. Facebook make of its possibilities of use to be able to company your own Apps on the phones of employees. From the point of view of IT experts beaches specialist, this procedure is a violation of Apple’s App Store rules, Facebook denied this, with “TechCrunch”. From Apple, there was initially no opinion as to how the iPhone company wants in the Situation.

market research and lead to all sorts of company, that a test person, the whole of the Online places for practical activities, is rather unusual. According to “TechCrunch” – quoted statement to the application during the Beta-testing Service Applause you captured, for example, “what Apps are on your phone, how and when you use it, act on data about their activities and content in these Apps as well as how other people with you or your content in these Apps.” This formulation raises the question of whether this might involve data from persons who did not participate in the study, having been captured could be.


Facebook’s embarrassing confession: “We do not have to read the terms and conditions of use”

Because of the data scandal to Cambridge Analytica Facebook was grilled yesterday in front of the British Parliament, literally, and had to take a very embarrassing confession.

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