The “Big Wind” is a machine, like out of a movie of the “Star Wars”series. Two huge engines look threatening to the front, are mounted on a tank chassis. While Big Wind has not been developed for a movie, it is a pure work device for the fire Department. It works on the same System, how to delete a candle. You take a deep breath, put your lips together and blow.

just as the “Big wind maker works”. For the first time, the machine was set up in 1991 to clear the burning oil Wells that had been in Saddam Hussein’s army during its retreat from Kuwait on fire. It was built by Hungarian engineers, the concept should, however, originate from the times of the USSR. In the Soviet Union to Delete the oil wells fires, and for clearing snow from airports, a single MiG-15 jet engine was used, which was fastened on the loading area of a truck. So the machine was not strong enough to fight the fires in Kuwait. So the company MB-upgraded the concept to “Big Wind on Drilling”.

main battle tanks: Leopard 2 up to the T-14 are the most important tank models Fullscreen

The Leopard 2A6 can prevail in comparison to NATO tanks, exercises regularly, compared to the M1 Abrams. It depends, however, mainly on the tactical skills of the crew. In the tank competition in 2016, the United States, the two Army Teams had with your M1, no Chance. The three Leopard-teams from Germany, Denmark and Poland occupied the first three places. The winner was Germany.

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The Wind are the two engines of the MiG-21 combat aircraft related. In the air you propel with your recoil the hunter forward. They have been modified, that you can move air in addition to your pressure pushes the tank chassis. As the Basis of the old tanks of the type T-34 and T-62 were used.

Each of the engines delivers about 27,000 pounds of thrust and can power a MiG fighter with more than twice the speed of sound. Advantage of the design: The engine does not burn the oxygen in the air, the outflowing Gas is fuelling a fire.

rumor bomb

The father of all bombs – the most powerful conventional weapon in the world

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in Addition, the turbine water through six fire hoses for each plant in the flow of air blown. So the fire is cooled stove. Because it is not enough to smother a oil fires only in the short term, if the Oil would ignite then glowing steel parts.


The engine of a MiG-21.

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suitable, Since 1991, is the ultimate water cannon from time to time in Ölbränden in use. Oil wells, you could previously only burn out. Great fires, even through the use of pressure-wave bombs do not delete, because they ignite after the wave faded away, quickly. Too powerful explosions would destroy the boreholes and installations in the depth. You will not be damaged by the Big Wind, above the ground, the rapidly moving steam way shaved leg, however, everything. A house fire would be to delete the Big Wind hardly, and then the debris of the house, hundreds of meters would be thrown through the air.

The crew consists of three people – the driver, a man, the engines, the Jet engines and water controls nozzles and a fire chief.

war of the future

Star-Wars-battle-suit – the Terminator from Russia

In Moscow, sees the soldier of the future was presented. The prototype is reminiscent of the storm troopers from the Star Wars films, and to make the infantrymen of the next Generation of a powerful figure on the battle field.

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