The cat is out of the bag! After week, long-simmering rumours, finally, of which twelve celebrities in the Australian jungle. The RTL has all the candidates for the 13. Season of “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!” (from Friday, 11. January, at 21:15) proclaimed. For sex appeal seems to be taken care of, but also the potential for conflict is present.

“I’m going to win the thing, of course,” Fullscreen

The moderators Sonja Zietlow and Daniel hartwich 2019 in the Australian jungle again

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exchanges of All the erotic icon of Sibylle Rauch (“Popsicle”) luxury against cabin fever. However, they do not “want to show completely naked”. Erotic support she gets from Sex expert Leila Lowfire. “I get on very well with people who are authentic and yourself not too seriously. I have difficulty rather then with people, the need to distinguish themselves on a permanent self,” Lowfire in an Interview with RTL.

for More female support there is from Model Gisele Oppermann, Bob-Olympic gold medallist Sandra kiriasis and her, actress Doreen Dietel and the former “Bachelor”contestant Evelyn Burdecki. For the jungle camp old wounds could tear open.

jungle camp, 2019

winner prize money


Because you and your Ex, Domenico de Cicco, once a contestant on “The Bachelorette gets in for the first time”, is also included. The two bandelten 2018 in the case of “Bachelor in Paradise”. “You always meet twice in life”, she says, relatively calmly in the Facebook-Live-Interview. For each amount of testosterone to the make-proclaimed millionaire Bastian Yotta, as well as curry sausage man Chris Töpperwien. The makes it clear in the Interview with RTL: “I hate the humidity”, and is already Worried about his safe swelling with “sausage fingers”.

Who gets the crown in the jungle camp?

The rest of the male comrades-in-arms: Tommi Piper, is known as an actor as well as voice of Alf, Peter Orloff, pop Star and producer, plus “GZSZ”Star Felix van Deventer. It will fall by the way, is particularly difficult, nothing to eat, “because I eat very much”, he says.

Who gets at the end of the crown? Model Gisele Oppermann says, laughing: “I am the best candidate for you. I’m going to win this thing, of course, quite clear.” The king of the jungle and the jungle Queen € 100,000 win bonus wave of 2019 for the first time. Prior to that, any amount of cockroaches and other disgusting jungle trials to be overcome.

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