Rufus Sewell as SS-Obergruppenführer John Smith (l.)

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The brand new Trailer, the Amazon to the in-house series “The Man in The High Castle” has been published, it is likely the majority of Fans with a laughing and a crying eye. Because in addition to new insights into the fourth season, it is revealed at the end of the one-minute Clips that it will be the final Season.

After a total of 40 episodes, ten per season, will be final. The series, which is based on a homonymous story by Philip K. Dick, it deals with the interesting and frightening thought game: How would the world look like, if not the allies, but the Nazis had won the Second world war?

In the main, among other things, Alexa Davalos (36) are roles as a resistance fighter Juliana Crain, as well as Rufus Sewell (51) as a SS to see in the upper group leader John Smith. An exact launch date for the final season has not announced, Amazon is still, realistically a time will appear in the autumn of this year. The season before, was published in October of last year.