Christian Bale as a young Dick Cheney

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Just in time for the ceremony on 24. February get German cinema fans one of the big favorites of the 91. To see the Oscars. Because on Thursday there is a incredible transformation of Christian Bale (45) runs with the “Vice of The second man,” once again, this Time in the former US Vice-President Dick Cheney (78). And has earned eight Oscar nominations, almost all of them.

From the airhead to the power of the people

In his younger and not quite so corpulent days, Richard Bruce “Dick” Cheney (Bale) takes it not as accurate with the law – specifically in terms of drinking and driving. It was only when his wife Lynne (Amy Adams) puts an Ultimatum, he vows improvement and ends up soon the team of a certain Donald Rumsfeld (Steve Carell). There, Cheney is able to Orient himself quickly and learn even faster, to manipulate the people around you.

the easiest way for him to do in the case of a particularly simple-minded copy, and was happy to slip in the presidential footsteps of his father: George W. Bush (Sam Rockwell). “Reluctantly” agrees Cheney to go as a Deputy for him in the election campaign. But only if he could remove the Bush the most mundane tasks that go with it: such as bureaucracy, military, energy and foreign policy of the United States of America.

No spark of Good in itself?

From the carousal to the car and then to jail – so the audience learns in the young, quarrelsome Dick Cheney. Likable, he is a in the course of about two hours of Film is no longer. He is the epitome of an opportunist, more than once over corpses to achieve his goals and, ultimately, even one of his own daughters to drop – not the heterosexual Liz, but the homosexual Mary, of course. It is hard not to understand why Christian Bale called winning a Golden Globes Satan as the greatest source of inspiration for the role.

That “Vice” on falls from the same Director as “The Big Short” is, in the banking crisis of 2008 satirical was worked up, almost from the first second. As the bankers at the time of the Film Adam McKay is expected to be mainly the Republicans a thorn in the eye, which is hardly a good hair is left. As differentiated by Vice may not be titled “” in any case, what would explain the very divided opinion, beats the strip in the U.S. homeland. Because even though he has eight Oscar nominations, in the case of the review site “Rotten Tomatoes” has only a positive audience rating of 56 percent – well very democratic, 56 percent.


Despite the extremely strong ensemble Vice degenerates “to” One-Man-Show. Because, contrary to the Trailer-impressions, Sam Rockwell comes in the Film itself only sporadically in a few scenes as Bush Jr. before. But so dazzling, that he was nominated for his short bet for the second Time in a row for the “supporting actor”Oscar.

And also Amy Adams (“Best supporting actress”) in “Vice” in the best case, only Vice from the Vice. We say it this way: In all of her previous Oscar nominations, there were roles for which you would deserve the Golden boy. But also, a certain Leonardo DiCaprio can sing a song. Who is playing in the Oscar Buzz, however, fairly under the Radar, is Steve Carell. The returns as the phrases threshing, self-aggrandizing Donald Rumsfeld, also a great performance.

sense of gallows humor mandatory

The particular style of Adam McKay, you have to like. Especially in contrast to “The Big Short” this Time, unfortunately, not a naked Margot Robbie declares from the bathtub out the opaque machinations. Those who are not familiar with the mills of the US policy is above average, will probably not be able to view any of Cheney’s plans. But the fact already as good as nobody.

“Vice” might be a funny movie, in all of his gallows humor, he takes his protagonists but it is a very serious. From Cheney, no joke is made figure, on the contrary. He is the puppet master, after the attacks of September 11. September preserved as only a cool head. And these well-used to contrive to weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Since it also fits into the picture, that he who professes due to a heart attack, Dying, at the end of the film, once again, to regret absolutely nothing. The donor heart is coming but in the nick of time. Luck you must have.


Dick Cheney is shown in “Vice” as a man who had hit two hearts in his breast – yet never had. The effect in some areas of law, unilaterally told, maybe it is about the politicians but really nothing Good to say. Each of the eight Oscar nominations would not have needed it, a remarkable Film with outstanding performance by Christian Bale but it’s all.