the Crew of The “night flyer” is already unemployed again

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With a lot of tension in the series “night flyers were expected to be” from the pen of George R. R. Martin (70). With as much disillusionment, but then the first season of the Sci-Fi thrills wisely. And so the series of “Game of Thrones”-inventor after only a single season, now back to the moon shot, reported the U.S. side, “The Hollywood Reporter”. Accordingly, the manufacturing channel Syfy have decided the series after only ten episodes to sell.

As the reason for the early, the high production costs of the “night flyers” in conjunction with the shockingly low ratings. So only about 400,000 people have viewed the page, the season finale in the United States. That another station decides to take the series and continue to be excluded in view of these Figures, as well as.

Martin wrote “night flyers” in the year 1980. After the huge success of “Game of Thrones”, based on his novel “The song of ice and fire”, it was hoped to be of the Sci-Fi series with a similar ratings hit.