“Cologne 50667”: Leonie realizes that no one will give her shelter


17:30 Uhr, RTL:

Bambi Jakob is burdened with a thoughtless statement. Saskia, it is clear that you are allowed to make any more mistakes. However, since the police is suddenly standing in front of the door. Larissa clings to Easy, and Ringo, not to forget Conor, and better learn how to can. When you do not succeed, she sees only one way out. Roswitha, it is physically not well, on top of that, radio silence with Miro. Ute is concerned, to Sina recognize the cause.

at 18:05, RTL II: Köln 50667

Leonie is caught by Lucy and Freddy, as they reflected the night around the ears. Out of pity, Freddy offers accommodation in the WG, but Leonie must quickly realize that they are not welcome there. After she refused out of Pride Olli’s help, she goes on a collision course with its old WG, but Lina stays rock hard. Leonie is beaten and a night camp is built in the basement of the WG.

at 19:05, RTL II’s Berlin – Tag & Nacht

As Paula in the Morning from Hamburg returns, she has no idea that this day will become a big Disaster. First of all, Rick urges you to come to Mandy’s birthday brunch and even though you really wanted to keep a distance from Basti. For Paula, the Situation is even more unbearable than you, Rick and Ralf burst right in the middle of a nooner Mandy and Basti. In addition, Paula is simply the feeling of los is that Mandy is totally weird.

at 19:05, RTL: Everything

Pauline must admit that it has not yet been completed with Damian, and wants to take a break from Finn. So she pushes him, however, in front of the head. Through the encounter with Jonas, Moritz realizes that he has never had his own sad story with his mother. As Simone and Jenny continue to be in conflict with them, must be Simone, Richard accuse me of being a bad mother.

19:40 Uhr, RTL: Good times, bad times

Both Felix and Laura, as well as Katrin and Gerner offers – for different reasons – the story of Felix and Laura, unaware that Laura’s story as a foster child is discussed. Chris was able to steal the blueprints, and must recognize that a break-in in the Helplet-is Central to be hopeless. In his desperation, he wants to kidnap the Director, in order to blackmail the formula.