Star-search image: The Oscar-nominated on an image


This Star-Power, they barely fit on a picture: Traditionally, some weeks meet in front of the ceremony (24. February) all nominated for the Oscar Lunch, and pose then in the best class photo-style for a group picture. And also in 2019, the star-studded hidden object enticing, with over 170 people to the celebrity search – this Time with German participation.

Because in the truest sense outstanding Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck is in the back row, with his 2.05 meters, a head taller than most of his colleagues. He goes, “work without author” into the race for the best foreign language Film. Law is Central to the Oscar-experienced Christian Bale smiles, meanwhile, a series of his “Vice”-wife Amy Adams in the camera.

Also, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are not standing far away from each other. The cast from “A Star is Born” have made it in the top left corner, cozy, right next to “Bohemian Rhapsody”-starring Rami Malek alias Freddie Mercury, as well as Glenn Close (“the wife of The Nobel laureate”). Especially Lady Gaga jumps in here with your blonde hair and the white dress, clearly to the eye.

as well as Viggo Mortensen, who has taken a seat in the front row. As a single Star has to be carried away of the “Green Book”performance by an actor in a Peace sign – even the Oscar-Lunch-photo of is not without the “class clown”.