Under the Motto, “Louder than hate” has prompted the Safer Internet Day this year to be more civil courage and against speech on the Internet. Who is targeted in the network and the victims of hate attacks, need assistance, warned the EU Initiative Klicksafe.

The “Shit-Storm” could be a “Love Storm”. “Hatred is clicked more, but love lasts longer,” said hip-hop Star Eko Fresh. In Düsseldorf, celebrities like the musicians Eko Fresh and Afrob, the actor Patrick Mölleken, the Comedian reported Faisal Kawusi and the YouTube Pocket Hazel and Silvi Carlsson of your experiences with hatred trough the comments on the net.

Under the Hashtag #lauteral hate the initiators, students, schools, teachers, organizations, media and companies are called on to put on Safer Internet Day a sign against hate on the net.

A Forsa survey showed that verbal abuse, insults and “Fake News” for almost all Internet users in Germany to rejection. The proportion of those who stated that to show solidarity with the Victims and to support this, with 59 percent significantly less.