Ozzy Osbourne is not for the time being to Europe


Ozzy Osbourne (70, “Memoirs of a Madman”), it must postpone the scheduled European concerts of his “No More Tours 2”-tour, on the advice of his Doctors. The musician announced on Instagram. Prior to that, he had already canceled the first four dates due to a flu. In the case of a renewed visit to the doctor had come out that Osbourne is suffering from a severe infection of the upper respiratory tract. The Doctors are afraid, it means that the infection could develop into pneumonia, if the 70-Year-old stands on the stage and in the Winter travel through Europe.

Even Ozzy Osbourne himself addressed his Fans and said in a Statement: “I am completely devastated, because I need to move the Europe-concerts of my Tour. It seems that since October, everything I touch is shit.” Only he had the infection in his thumb, now the flu and Bronchitis it adds the singer. “I want to apologize to all my Fans, over the years, so faithful, my Band, my Crew, and Judas Priest that I’ve let you all down.” Osbourne promises that the Tour will be completed with Judas Priest: In September, the new dates shall be set. In Germany, four concerts were planned.

The musicians had to cancel in October for a few concerts and instead of a few days in Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. He had suffered a life-threatening infection in his right thumb. The newspaper “the Daily Star” he explained later, that is probably a faulty manicure would have cost him almost the life. “The Funny thing is, you think I would get a manicure!”, so Osbourne. The Doctors had explained to him that the infection was already in his bloodstream and he could have died.