It sounds like a scenario out of a Hacker movie, Someone gets a Smartphone, tricking it around a little and already he can To eavesdrop – without that the one withdrawn. The iPhone has now become just the scary reality: iPhones and iPads on the current System of iOS with a single call to the bug.

So simple, the microphone works Hack

debt is a bug in Apple’s video calling App Facetime. Received his Recently, a new function, the group of telephony allowed. Here has crept a dangerous mistake, found out a Twitter user. To call someone, and adds, while it itself, as a further group of telephony participant switches on the microphone of the interlocutor, even if the has not answered is ringing added.

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worse Still, Rejects Against the call by pressing the power button or the volume rocker, does not end the conversation about – but it turns on the camera. The Apple news site “9to5mac reports”. Are affected according to this report, all iPhones and iPads, starting with iOS 12.1, so all since the introduction of the groups-Facetime. If the errors found since the release in October already and has been abused, is not known.

security breakdown

16-Year-old Apple hacks – and behave as a Teenager

By Malte Mans Apple Holt reacts quickly

luckily, Apple is the extent of this error of conscious. You’ll bring out in the next few days an Update that fixes the error, said the group “Techcrunch”. In order to prevent further abuse of the bug was switched off in addition, the Group call with the Facetime Server-side. You want to add at the moment, another Person – or themselves – that has simply no effect. The error was in several actually Try not to reproduce.

Facetime for groups, had already provided prior to the introduction of the Trouble. Actually, it should already appear in September together with iOS 12, but Apple struggled in the test phase, with lots of faults, such as problems with the connection. Therefore, it was decided to publish the function, together with iOS 12.1 until the end of October. The bugs error had not been eliminated by then.

sources: Twitter, 9to5mac, techcrunch

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