In Switzerland, have been auctioned off, the first 5G mobile and wireless communications licenses. The state Treasury took up to 380 million Swiss francs (€335 million), the communications Commission announced.

The cellular license owner of the successful tenderer: Swiss Telecom Sunrise and Salt. A fourth firm, Dense Air Ltd., purchased a license. In Germany, the allocation of 5G licenses in the spring is planned, but still.

With the 5G technology can be offered Internet connections of up to 100 times faster than 4G-Standard. As a result, digitisation is driven forward. Among other things, it enables new medical applications, and wireless control of machines. In addition, 5G can play in self-driving vehicles and new Apps for virtual reality, an important role.

Switzerland, according to the Commission, one of the first countries in Europe, the 5G licenses. You will apply for 15 years. In Germany, wants to apply in addition to the radio network operators German Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica also, the provider 1&1 Drillisch licenses.

For five frequency blocks of five Megahertz, the Swiss authorities found no buyers. This is according to the Commission, additional down-link frequencies, which can be used for increased capacity during the Download of the data. These licenses are later to be offered again.