“Polizeiruf 110: Ten roses”: The commissioners Brasch (Claudia Michelsen), and Köhler (Matthias Matschke) arrive at the scene of the crime

©MDR/Stefan Erhard

In the “Polizeiruf 110: Ten roses” (10.2., At 20:15, the First) have to do it the commissioners Doreen Brasch (Claudia Michelsen, 50), Dirk Köhler (Matthias Matschke, 50) may be a serial killer. But what is the role of download the unusual woman in the flower? Whether the Switch is worth it in the new case from Magdeburg, you can find here.

the Story

In an abandoned Magdeburger backyard is found the body of a young woman. The murder victim, Kim Pohlmann (Susanne Strach), is tied to the feet. Chief Commissioner Brasch suspects a serial killer and Mr Koehler conducts research in the database for similar cases. With the help of your supervisor, chief inspector Uwe Lemp (Felix Vörtler), the investigators on the murder of the prostitute Jessica Peschke (Svenja Ipsen), whose body was tied up in the same way.

the Jessica befriended Paul shilling was Suspected at the time, due to lack of Evidence he was released but free. Pauline (Alessija Lause), such as the TRANS woman is called a gender reassignment now, the device is again under suspicion. But not only is out of the question. What is the role of the Ex-boyfriend of the dead Kim, Jan Freise (Sven Schelker)?

wage the Turn?

Yes. Thus, only the criminal case that is already quite exciting, but not necessarily. Unusual urge those scenes in which it comes to dramatic situations in the life of a TRANS woman Pauline are actually. “Your life would be easier if you had an Alibi. Not easy, but easier,” says Commissioner Koehler at one point very aptly. There is a story of prejudice, love, grief, jealousy, and operations. Actress Alessija Lause (38) embodies the multi-faceted Person, very empathetic, and never exaggerated.

A harmony of the pen figure and a calming influence in the right this time temperate investigator of madness, the gentle psychologist Wilke, played by Steven Sharp (44). On the one hand, he is the beloved of the Commissioner, on the other hand, he is supposed to mediate in case of conflict between Brasch and their less extreme colleagues Köhler neutral. Normally not a very easy task.

A very appropriate comment to a few passages of the crime is also the origin of Commissioner Brasch: “This is me, too theatrical.” Although he is based in the movie in a different Situation, however, he actually fits quite well on the secondary strand of the plot, in which the chief just can’t decide whether he should go or wants to stay: “I have my shadow lost.” These scenes seem a bit constructed – the same applies to the title ten roses… all in All, a solid Sunday crime.