When the battery of the iPhone to quickly limp, a recalibration help

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Who does not know this: At the beginning of the iPhone by holding loosely all day, but after a year in power usage, it comes just up to the Afternoon Snack. Or even worse: The Smartphone is all of a sudden even though the battery level was still at 10 percent. A reliable use is hardly possible.

In some cases, the cause is a defective battery, often the battery is calibrated, but just wrong. Then the System thinks virtually, the battery is already empty – still a little residual charge is present. You can tell about it, if you can restart the Smartphone after the sudden switch-Off directly, without having it in the socket hung. Or if the battery charge level within a few minutes crashing from 10 to 1 percent, but still a half-hour felt.

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to resolve this error, you must not drive fortunately, only at the Apple Store, but only a few handles to do. We explain how to do it.

iPhone-battery calibration – so it goes

to calibrate the battery, you should charge it once completely without interruption. Let your iPhone be quiet an hour longer than necessary at the outlet. You then need to discharge the battery completely. The quickest way to with lavish 3D Games, alternatively, the recording of 4K video (settings- > camera – > record Video – > 4K (30fps)), which sucks the battery reliably empty helps. For this you need but a couple of gigabytes of free space, the function is also only for the iPhone 6s. In older models, it does emergency a FullHD recording.

Life Hacks “technology”

With this Trick, you charge your phone faster

Important: turn off the iPhone, first try to start it with a long press on the Power Button at the best of times. After that, you should not leave the device close to six hours to the battery zuentladen. Only then will you hang the iPhone to the power outlet. You can leave it to 100 percent load, and you give it to him then quiet for an hour or two in addition to juice. To be on the safe side, you can repeat this step once more. In most cases, the Smartphone then works more reliable and lasts longer.