A “Netflix-Killer” – so Apple sees its last night featured Streaming service internally. Not too long ago the idea would have seemed downright absurd that Apple is increasing instead of Samsung, Huawei, and co. with the Video-on-Demand services in the Ring. And also the new subscription service for magazines had to go back and see probably none. Behind it, Apple’s probably the most important change of strategy. And the realization that the Golden days of the iPhone are well past.

Although the iconic Smartphone is without a doubt Apple’s most important product, must be based, the group is increasingly. The times, in which each newly presented iPhone sale breaks records, are long gone. In the last quarter of 2018, the iPhone’s profits fell compared to the previous year by a whopping 15 percent, cracking the consolidated net profit to 5 percent down. Also, the increasingly good sales in the case of Wearables like the Apple Watch or the AirPods are not able to absorb the losses. Longer Tim Cook and his Team have set themselves a new goal: Instead of Hardware, the Service division of the new Hofnungs-makers of the group and the new services are an important step in that direction.

$ 50 million the group intends to continue to 2021 per year with the Service Offered, so Tim Cook in 2017, it stated. And Apple is well on the way there. Alone in the last quarter of 2018 you took with subscriptions, iTunes sales, and co. more than $ 10 million. The newly launched services will drive the number even further to the top.

Apple TV

Apple introduces new video platform

lights out, Spot on: Apple has unveiled on Monday a new video platform. spot on news was in Cupertino.

SpotOnNews Apple wanted Disney to buy

Since 2014, Cook and his men prepare for the beginning of Apple’s Service Era. This is a report of the “Wall Street Journal” from Sunday in Detail. With the purchase of Beats headphones, Apple had acquired not only a especially among young people, very popular brand, but also the associated music service. Ten million listeners wanted to win the Team in the first year. Cook had larger ambitions: “Doubled”, he is supposed to have a Meeting declared. In fact, the 2015 started in service was able to demonstrate by the end of 2016, the first 20 million paying customers, now more than 50 million paying customers, the biggest competitor Spotify has a good 90 million Premium subscribers.


Apple Event

Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey to draw with Apple in the fight against Netflix

By Jens Maier

encouraged By the success, Cook and iTunes chief Eddy Cue will have to be made to the strategic planning of other services and also Video to be landed. Netflix was started just after a long concentration on the US market and internationally, had increased six-fold within a few years, its number of customers. First, Apple wanted to develop a lean own service, but failed. Then you debated seriously ideas which have shaken the market: you Should buy just Netflix, or even Disney? The necessary cash reserves had saved the group from the iPhone-a wedding, a good 300 million in freely available capital should be on the accounts.


However, Cook and co. the idea rejected again. Instead, they brought in their own experts into the boat. With Jamie, the Manager for the Streaming service, which are considered to be crucial to the success of Hits like “Breaking Bad” turns off, and Zack Van Amburg said the group’s two Sony. Since 2017, it is working with Apple to 24 of its own broadcasts, were able to attract a number of Hollywood greats such as Steven Spielberg, J. J. Abrahams, Jennifer Anniston and Reese Witherspoon. In addition, Apple has put together in the United States an extremely attractive package that includes, among other things, the “Game of Thrones”-House HBO.


New Streaming service

Apple attack Netflix remains the most important answer, but guilty

Steven Spielberg is suddenly standing on the stage, raging in the hall: Apple has unveiled its new streaming service for TV+. The attack on Netflix was a lot of Show – the main question remains unanswered.

How well customers accept the new offerings. In the past, Apple had made available with a Service such as iTunes, the App Store or Apple Music a nerve, many of the iPhone users are accessible on the offers. Also the Cloud storage of iCloud is very popular. The services, however, are tied to how well Apple’s Music closely to the success of the iPhone. If this is also on the Streaming market for a pound. Most of the customers are still with Netflix and Amazon Prime, with Disney, another Titan wants to send this year with a private service to the race.

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