top model Toni Garrn is Heidi Klum in week six as the “GNTM”-a guest judge for the page

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The king discipline of the catwalk: Heidi Klum (45) would like to see in the sixth episode of “Germany’s next top model” radiance, elegance and attitude of your girl. But instead of focusing on the upcoming Haute-Couture-Walk, it crashes in the model Villa, big time. In addition to Worry-candidate Jasmine (18), Simone (21) among the candidates, not just popular. This high will visit this week to the house.

The first Job

Before the remaining candidates will meet the Jury-head of Heidi Klum, is expecting a big Surprise: The first Job of Casting. The Online shipping home About You are looking for its new TV campaign, two women with authenticity and personality. Content Director Julian Jansen, and Model Bonnie Strange (32) want to see the “souls” of the girls. In specially created and besprayten Outfits one after the other appear before you, tell who you are and what you stand for. The a more, the other less convincing.

During a candidate Jasmine looks rather scary on the Jury, pulls Vanessa (21) blank during your Walks. Can’t score points. “The didn’t have to be”, writes Jansen. “This has underpinned no Message and was not really a plus point.” Can convince Simone and Sayana (20), the latter especially with your criticism of the woman’s role in their native India. Whether Jansen and Strange have made the right choice? Both show up after the shooting of TV commercials in Venice enthusiastic. “This will be a Mega-movie,” enthuses the Content Director.

The duel

Who is stronger? Who can convince Heidi of himself and his power? In week six, these questions should be answered using a points system. In a direct duel, two girls compete against each other in a Battle of the photo shoot, the Stronger gets the point. The Problem: It is not exactly easy, the oversized silk scarf, as well as the High-Fashion Outfits from Missoni, his partner and put yourself in the limelight. Melissa (23) and Jasmine arrive at the shoot with photographer Mario Schmolka (44) to their limits. Teamwork definitely looks different.

Also during the subsequent catwalk Training with model Toni Garrn (26) belong to the Weaker. While Garrn has to stay at Jasmine Walk a lot, takes her to a different girl directly in the eye. Candidate Simone convinces all along the line. It follows, however, the low blow.

All against Simone

Due to stomach cramps and Nausea must be treated the 21-Year-old in the hospital. A syringe for the pain to help her. Pity of the competition, can’t wait for Simone on their return in the model Villa. You make your plated behaviour and Drama. The candidate does not understand the world and their participation in the “Germany’s next Topmodel”, but faithful. “I don’t care if I fit in here”, sobbing in the phone room, “I’m here to be a professional Model”.

A girl must have learned to go

What is Heidi’s girl in the Haute Couture week, as always, the decision to walk. In the glamorous robes of Star-Designer Christian Siriano (33) than under the Argus eyes of Heidi Klum and Toni Garrn on the runway. Sayana, Alicija (18), Theresa (26), Lena (17), Tatjana (22), Julia (23), Sarah (20), Simone (21), Cecilia (19) and Caroline (21) immediately convince. Melissa and Jasmine continue to come despite the weak Week.

For Justine (20), Vanessa Luna (21) and Enisa (24) it is, however, closely. All four have been able to get in week six, with not a single point, they wobble. First, from the Situation of Enisa is to be redeemed. You will receive from a guest judge Toni Garrn is the Wild Card for the next round. And also Justine and Vanessa get Heidi Klum is still a second Chance. For Luna, the journey of “Germany’s next Topmodel”.