That actor drums for their new films is the most Normal thing in the world. They hoof it through the talk shows, flooding their Instagram Profiles with pictures from the Set, giving Interviews in the media. Tom Cruise chose a different approach, in order to make the Blu-ray launch of his new action film “Mission: Impossible Fallout” attention: On Twitter, he posted a one and a half minute Clip in which Cruise, along with Director Christopher McQuarrie. Both are now moving to the second part of “Top Gun”. However, the Video is not gelobhudelt as usual, the Film, instead, both to get to the all-round strike against the television industry.

“I’m taking a short break from the movies to you the best way to view Mission: Impossible Fallout (or any other lover of Film) in the home,” writes Cruise under the Clip. The Hollywood Star begins the Clip with a Smile, then the Duo is, however, very quickly, seriously: do not Look films on the TV at home, these often, as the creators have presented.

case of a problem with sharpness of movement

the reason is the so-called Motion Smoothness. This is a technology that ensures that with the help of mathematical calculations between images are calculated, there is actually, to make the image smoother. The technology was developed especially for sports, such as football or formula 1.

In the case of films and series, the impression of the picture quality, however, this does: A Film with 24 real frames per second then played back at 50 or even 60 images per second. “The unsightly side effect is that most of the movies appear as if they had been on a quick Video, and not Film. We know also under the name of soap Opera effect,” explains Cruise. The Film does not look as high quality.

The Problem is: most of the HD televisions that Feature by default, complains Cruise. McQuarrie asks the viewers, therefore, urge the respective functions of the television to switch off. How can you quickly find out with a Google search for your TV model, advises the Director.

Hollywood criticized TV manufacturers

Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie are not the only filmmakers that the technology is a thorn in the eye. Director Rian Johnson (“Star Wars: The last Jedi”, “Looper”) Motion Smoothness as the “liquid diarrhea”.

Also, Christopher Nolan (“Inception”) and Paul Thomas Anderson (“There Will Be Blood”) are one of the prominent critics of the technology. They requested a letter from the TV manufacturer, the settings, finally, by default, disable. “Modern TVs have outstanding technical capabilities,” – said in the letter. “It is important, therefore, that we take advantage of the new technologies, in order to ensure that the people get to see at home, in our work, as we imagine it.”

TV-equipment in the Test: the test checks the giant-screen TVs: a Good 65-incher for 800 euros Fullscreen

The winner of the test: LG C8

The clear test winner goes to LG. This starts with the most Important: the image. The C8 65-inch is the only device in the Test, the Display will be evaluated as “very good”. Also, in sound, and the versatility of the OLED TV best notes can be used to dusting and achieved a “very good” (1,5) total comprehensive income. The drawback is the price. The C8 is not under 2100 Euro.

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