Angela Merkel – “It is tragic that the UK leaves the EU after 45 years,” Angela Merkel called for the EU exit of great Britain “tragic”, praising the exit of the contract. The basis for an orderly separation had been created. © Photo: Olivier Matthys/AP/dpa

The agreement on the withdrawal agreement with the United Kingdom has been recorded in Germany, mostly positive. “This is a historic day, the triggers very ambivalent feelings. It is tragic that the UK leaves the EU after 45 years. But we have to respect the vote of the British people, of course,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). Against this Background, it is good to have an agreement on an exit agreement and on a political Declaration on the future of relations with Britain. From the perspective of the 27 member States, one could now say that there is a basis for an orderly separation and the building of future relationships.

Angela Merkel spoke of a “diplomatic feat”, which had succeeded the sub-dealers. On the basis of the agreement on further cooperation, there will be after Brexit between the UK and the EU “for a third country, the unprecedented intensity of the relations,” said Merkel.

Union group Vice-Katja Leikert (CDU), said the exit agreement, “the way to a common future”. It was clear, however, that “in our view, the wrong decision-in-principle for the Brexit it could be no perfect solution.” Therefore, the “best possible result under very difficult circumstances and are now”.

Even the SPD-group was pleased about the agreement. So, an exit “in an orderly manner will make it possible,” said the European policy spokesman of the party, Christian Petry. With your consent, the heads of state and government of the EU adopted “an enormous responsibility”. The only as a contingency plan intended customs Union should not lead to a “threat to the integrity of the internal market”.

criticism came from the Greens. In the areas of environmental and social standards, the agreement was “much too weak,” said the European policy spokesperson Franziska Brantner. In the long term, stricter agreements are not necessary in order for the UK to EU Standards under Miniere.

“Fair Deal for both sides”

in The morning, the EU heads of state and heads of government had endorsed in Brussels the Treaty on the withdrawal of Britain in the coming March. He will serve as the basis for a regulated Brexit. Support there was in Brussels for a political Declaration on the future of relations with the United Kingdom. Now the British Parliament has to agree to the contract.

The Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee in the European Parliament, David McAllister (CDU), called the agreement in the NDR is a “fair Deal for both sides”. At the same time, he called the Brexit-the decision of the British as a “historic mistake with grave consequences for the United Kingdom”.

representatives of the German economy, commented on the agreement. The Verband Deutscher Maschinen – und Anlagenbau (VDMA) spoke of a “fair deal to great Britain, to prevent the hard Brexit and a close partnership with the continent”. Similar to the German Chemical industry Association (VCI) said. This also hopes for an orderly Brexit. The Federal Association of German banks (BdB) seemed relieved. The transitional phase now, “all parties Involved the Chance that the Details of the future economic relations to develop”. The British members are not likely to strike this agreement “in the Wind”.