Russia made the announcement of the Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, of the laws of war in his country, as a campaign tactic criticized. “This is definitely a great Start in Poroshenko’s election campaign,” wrote the Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee in Russia’s Federation Council, Konstantin Kosachev. He spoke of the “shameful pirate-PR-action”. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov spoke of a “dangerous provocation”.

The Situation in Ukraine

Russia-controlled areas

source: Live Universal Awareness Map, do your own Research. Booth: 26. November 2018 ONLINE

In the Ukraine, elected in March, the President. With the imposition of martial law, the elections could be postponed because of, among other things, the Assembly would not be guaranteed in the election campaign, and output could lock. The Ukrainian Parliament wanted to decide on Monday afternoon at a special meeting.

occasion is an incident of Sunday: the Russian boats had applied to three Ukrainian ships in the Strait of Kerch. The Ukrainian Navy accuses the Russian government, two of its ships fired on and to have a tug hijacked. Russia had blocked the Straits with tankers. Two Ukrainian crew members had been injured. The Russian domestic secret service FSB, the border protection, confirmed that the Ukrainian ships had been stopped with the use of weapons. Russian forces went on Board, and have the ships searched. Accordingly, three Ukrainian soldiers were injured and medically cared for. You will not be in danger of their lives. The FSB accused the Ukrainian Navy ships to the Russian border “in Russian territorial waters illegal activities,” violated.

The Strait between the Crimea and Russia connects the Black sea with the Azov sea. Russia has opened the Kerch Strait for the ship traffic. The Russian news Agency RIA reported, citing a representative of the port authority.

The Ukrainian Parliament will decide on Monday whether the war should be called. Also on Monday, the UN will address the security Council in New York with the situation.

Federal government

Minister of foreign Affairs, Heiko Maas, the developments described as “worrying”. “A Russian Blockade the passage into the sea of Azov is not acceptable,” wrote SPD politician. It was important that the Blockade be lifted. “We call on both sides to de-escalate.”

The German government has reacted “with great worry” on the new tensions between Russia and the Ukraine. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert said: “We hope that both sides work towards calming the situation.” The free passage into the sea of Azov it had to be ensured.

The EU wants a deal on Tuesday at a Meeting of the responsible for security matters, the Ambassador of the tensions between the Ukraine and Russia. Nato spokeswoman Oana Lungescu said: “We call for restraint and de-escalation.” The military Alliance to support waters, the Maritime rights of Ukraine in their territory and call on Russia, “unfettered access to the Ukrainian ports on the Azov sea, in accordance with international law”.