The Team of “The mountain doctor” (from left): Martin Gruber (Hans Sigl), Lisbeth Gruber (Monika Baumgartner), Lilli Gruber (Ronja Forcher) and Hans Gruber (Heiko Ruprecht)

©ZDF / Roland Defrancesco

ends The twelfth season of the successful doctor series “The mountain doctor” today, Thursday, with the broadcast of the episode “turning point” (20:15 clock, ZDF). Then you must for the time being, once again, farewell to the charming Dr. Martin Gruber (Hans Sigl) and her family and Team. Real Fans is, of course, the question is: Is it a 13. Season?


says The news Agency spot on news has checked with the Sender. “The new shooting, in preparation,” is the good news. Is rotated again in the summer, in Elmau, Bavaria, and the Region around the Wilder Kaiser in Tyrol. In addition, it will be between the twelfth and the 13. Season give a Special: “another winter special is rotated”, further confirmed by the ZDF. The filming for this, have apparently already begun, as the main actor Hans Sigl (49) this week in an Instagram Story had betrayed.

“The mountain doctor,” will broadcast since 2008 on ZDF. The doctor series, as you know, the audience today, is a remake of the eponymous German-Austrian TV series from 1992 to 1997 (Sat.1/ORF) was broadcast. At the time, all the Doctors, Dr. Thomas Burgner (Gerhart Lippert), Dr. Justus hall stone (Harald Krassnitzer) and Dr. Pankraz Obermayr (Walther Reyer) turned.