Which Star wins this year, the “Let’s Dance”-trophy?

©TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

The field of participants of the twelfth “Let’s Dance”-season gradually fills up. After yesterday, Monday, with Nazan Eckes (42), Ella at last (34, “Good”) and Barbara Becker (52) three real Power-women have been announced, makes RTL now apparently as well. The next four celebrities, the from the 15. March will dare on the dance floor, are fixed.


singer Ella Finally not remains the only lady to represent the music-world in the dance Show. One of your competitors Kerstin Ott (37). She made in 2016, with the Song Remix of The “always laughing”. At the same time, Lukas Rieger (19, “Bella was established”) in the music scene. He is the first male participants of the “Let’s Dance” into the race and says: “I would like to take the challenge to me, and me from Show to Show.” Be a dance course is not too long, “a bit Scared” of the pop singer in front of the Jury yet.

participation as a birthday gift

“I just have to Lust out of my comfort zone and try something New,” says Ulrike Frank on the upcoming challenge. The “GZSZ”-actress, the slips for 16 years in the role of Katrin Flemming, looks at her participation as a gift: 1. February they celebrated their 50. Birthday. A wish you had, accordingly, already at the ready. Professional dance partner Christian Polanc (40), it may be to your Gusto.

And also it actually is: fashion designer Thomas Rath (52). In the run-up has already been speculated on its participation, now RTL makes it official. The 52-Year-old is swinging in the TV the hips. Like the looks, you can look at Fans of the Show in Instagram. There, the former “GNTM”-Juror presented, namely, what he has everything on the box.