LKA investigators Felix Murot (Ulrich Tukur, left) and his colleague, Magda Wächter (Barbara Philipp).

©HR/Bettina Müller

For a “crime scene” was “Murot and the Groundhog” something quite Extraordinary: The Film left after a few minutes the reality, and Ulrich Tukur (61) in his role as a police Commissioner in a surreal time loop. His task: a Bank robbery without bloodshed, bring about the stage. At the end of the succeeds of course, but he needed twelve starts. Of course, the idea of time loops is not New. Numerous Hollywood productions drew on the identical basic idea.

first of All, logically, the Comedy way “And Groundhog day” from 1993 with Bill Murray (68) greets you in the main role. Similar to the latest “crime scene” must Murray offer an ideal day to have the time to continue. Unlike Tukur Murray to conquer but the heart of a woman. However, the idea is even older than the classic Film from the 90s. As the founder of the time Plots loop in modern Pop culture, the short story “12:01 p.m.” by Richard Lupoff (83) from the year 1973. The author saw in “Groundhog day” even a plagiarism, and in a way contrary a court.

His suit, he pulled back but after half a year to spare, according to a lengthy process. But many other films working with recurring sequences and time loops, in which the protagonists tend to be involuntary and out of it again must free. So, for example, Tom Cruise (56) in the Science Fiction Film “Edge of Tomorrow” or the new Horror movie “Happy Deathday”. A slightly different variant is to be admired in the “Source Code”: Jake Gyllenhaal (38) moves thanks to a new technology on a voluntary basis in an 8-minute time loop in order to prevent a terrorist attack.