Which of the remaining “IBES”celebs get on Saturday, the jungle crown?


On Saturday it decides who is allowed to wear in the year 2019, the jungle crown on his head. In the race, Bob-Olympic gold medallist Sandra kiriasis and her (44), Ex-“Bachelor”contestant Evelyn Burdecki (30), curry sausage man Chris töpperwien (44), the self-millionaire Bastian Yotta (42), “GZSZ”Star Felix van Deventer (22) and singer Peter Orloff (74 called).

Among the already-eliminated candidate Leila Lowfire (25), Gisele Oppermann (31), Tommi Piper (77), Sibylle Rauch (58), and Domenico de Cicco (35), there is a very clear favorites to win. In an Interview with the news Agency of the Camper, which may already recovering in the Hotel from the rigors of the Australian Bush, your tips.

Peter Orloff is the big favorite!

Leila Lowfire, had to pack on day 12 of your stuff, is convinced: “most of all, I would the jungle crown Peter Orloff treat, the is really a great and positive person. I hope that he will. Otherwise, it chooses presumably between Felix and Evelyn.”

followed closely by Evelyn Burdecki

Gisele Oppermann, however, it would “treat each case of Evelyn”. “The need to win, she deserves it right”, the former “Germany’s next Topmodel”candidate.

Tommi Piper joined in the Interview, Leila Lowfires Conviction: “For me, there will be a king of the jungle and that would be for me to be the man who goes through thick and thin, through spiders, and snakes: It is, in my opinion, Peter Orloff.” The “Alf”voice but admitted Evelyn Burdecki chance to win.

“ice cream on a stick”-icon Sibylle Rauch also relies on Evelyn Burdecki as the favorite for the jungle crown. However, on the top year old singer is with her – as is the case with your colleagues – the 74 -: “above All, it is but Peter Orloff. He has a lot of class and we have also found friends. This is a very nice man who was also there for me when I had a bad patch. We have adopted the directions, and see us safe out there.”

Domenico de Cicco, first left, on the meanwhile, the Camp of the Elders: “I would wish that Peter Orloff jungle is king. The man has a lot of life experience, been through a lot and supported in Africa, a Foundation, the schools for children that otherwise have no Chance to education. A part of the profit he would donate to this project. I think it’s really great and that’s why I would like him to win. Here we have everything, and the children live in Africa every day in a sort of real jungle camp with terrible hardships.”

So Peter Orloff king of the jungle, he must prevail on Friday night. Because, as RTL announced that it will retire in the semi-finals by the “IBES” is equal to three candidates. At the beginning of the mission of the celebrity is given that on Thursday, the fewest votes. This must, therefore, leave the first Camp. The delay was caused by technical problems, so on day 14, none of the Stars of his stuff had to pack.

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