He did not want to be blackmailed – so Jeff Bezos said on Thursday his decision to make public that the gossip magazine “National Enquirer” wanted to put him with embarrassing images, including Nude photos under pressure. To buy instead of his privacy, expensive, used to be the richest man in the world the tide in his favor. And even though he was long for his reticence to be known, he remained in faithful.

Silent as a principle,

First of all, the decision appears to be atypical. Amazon and Bezos himself is regarded as extremely secretive. Complete product categories such as the Kindle or the Amazon Echo have been developed entirely outside of the light of the Public, not even at the announcement of the quarterly figures, Bezos expressed. And for those who visit the space travel efforts of his company “Blue Origins”, a Silent agreement to sign. As the company crashed once a test rocket out to the Public until days later. “We are quiet and only speak when we have something to say,” Bezos once said.

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privately he gave price a little. For 25 years, Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie were married, never came from the marriage or the family life with three biological and one adoptive child. Up in the “National Enquirer” at the beginning of the year, for the first time chat from his affair were published. Bezos went on the Offensive, announced together with MacKenzie on Twitter, the end of their marriage. Together with his Beloved Laura Sanchez, he began to show up at Events. And now even the bomb about the Nude photos burst.

Jeff Bezos

the divorce of the billion-loss?

SpotOnNews Cold strategist

The stark change of strategy in the light of the otherwise high level of secrecy is surprising, but according to Bezos’ Familiar to his character. “He is playing his Hand as best he can, considering what is come to the Public” says about Shel Kaphan to the “Washington Post”. “The damage is already there, and he is probably with his right to believe that it would hardly be worse if the images are coming from.” Kaphan was, according to Bezos and his wife, the first workers at Amazon. “It would be very typical for Jeff, if he were to strategically weigh his options and then the decision would be to leave him in the best Position and the damage minimized.”

Despite his public reticence, Bezos is calculated as cooling, some very unscrupulous business man known. Again and again he made decisions that drove the group in the short term in a conflict, it but in the end, strengthened. Amazon fought a brutal Price war with retailers and other online retailers, was due to its Dumping-wages again and again in criticism. For the ascent to one of the most valuable companies in the world, these aggressive tactics are likely to be but essential.

Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk

moon base and space tourism: The mistaken dreams of the Tech-billionaires

By Malte Mansholt

In his private finances, Bezos was quite under pressure. As several Newspapers, including the New York Times, pointed out that Bezos donates very little money, he reacted to it relatively quickly, and asked on Twitter for suggestions of where he could do the best Good. Since then, he has made significantly larger sums available, such as the homelessness in Amazon’s home state of Washington stem. Despite the pressure, Bezos chooses, however, to further his own pace: unlike a lot of other billionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Mark Zuckerberg, Bezos has publicly pledged to donate the bulk of his fortune.

Play with open cards

When it comes to public Denounce the blackmail strategies of the “National Enquirer” is likely to have also played Bezos’ security consultant Gavin de Becker a role. The long-time Confidante of the Amazon chief and security Advisor to many Prominent advises longer to go in the case of extortion in the Offensive. In his book “The Gift of Fear” he writes, according to the “Washington Post” that the best answer to a blackmail attempt, was having an extramarital affair, the Partner will immediately initiate. In his view, the short-term pain is a better handle than the consequences of a long-term blackmail-affair.

De Becker should be found out according to current Reports, who has stolen the images and Chat logs. Publicly, he said. On Friday, Michael Sanchez, brother of Bezos’ lover and a Trump Fan was suspected, behind it, now this was also confirmed by sources from the publisher of “National Enquirer” to “The Daily Beast”. At times, state actors, such as the Saudi Royal house or the environment, Donald trump was supposed to be behind the affair.


Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and Washington Post owner

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A lawyer of the “National Enquirer” has denied this. It was a Person from the immediate environment of Sanchez and Bezos, he said “CNN”. Whether it is Michael Sanchez, he did not reveal. For this, but he denied the allegation of extortion. In a Mail, the newspaper made the offer, not to publish the Nude photos, if Bezos were to withdraw publicly his statement that the “Enquire” would be influenced in his reporting politically. It was a “legitimate bargaining” but not extortion, the lawyer.

What Bezos himself thinks of the new developments is not known. Since he published the story in a Blog Post, he expressed publicly. Even his own newspaper, the “Washington Post”, he refused the offer of a Interview.

sources: The Daily Beast, CNN, the Washington Post, media, The New York Times

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