Peter Orloff highly motivated in front of his jungle examination on day 12

©TVNOW / Stefan Menne

With his positive nature has singer Peter Orloff (74, “A girl”) in the heart of the jungle camp of the audience. Although he won on day 12, only three of the eight stars in its audit, called “horror at the lake”, he was selected by the audience anyway. The other campers can rely always an encouraging word from him. A lot of Private has not betrayed the 74-Year-old so far. The has changed his wife, Linda Orloff now, in an Interview with RTL.

How convenient in the jungle: He has a soft spot for exotic animals

The two have been married for over 25 years, and the wife of the crooner knows some of his secrets, you ausplauderte now. “Be schrägstes pet was an ocelot named ‘Cubra’, as the daughter of king Attila. I got it delivered later in good hands,” she told about Orloffs soft spot for exotic animals.

in addition to care for the singer since his Childhood, a great passion for collecting. He had a huge Disney collection, consisting of posters, photos and figures. Impression he could flay in the course of his career with his drinking strength: “In the case of a recording for the ZDF-Hitparade, he has to drink from the Stand without ever done before, 17 double Pflümli. Since then, the Director of the consignment, Truck, Branss, a real Fan of him.”

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