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Now you blaspheme all the reviewers, bloggers, Youtubers. Because The Quiet Man is a game published, which is considered a disaster, as the Flop of the year is just, at least. “Painful to play”, writes someone on the Steam platform. The British video blogger Jim Sterling says: “This is an action game, I believe, peppered with movie scene I think,” and laughs a lot. One of the most important magazines in the world, PC Gamer called it a “spectacular Disaster”.

everything could be so beautiful. Because The Quiet Man is one of the most interesting games of the year. In the video game trade show E3, it was one in the summer of 2018 in Los Angeles to the big eye-catchers. The game wants to connect Game and movie, interaction and cinema aesthetics, so it promised to be, at least in the presentation. Only the pure film sequences – shot with the Actresses and actors are around two and a half hours long. A real video game, which could be achieved through the presentation of people, where the operation of a controller has so far appeared to be complicated.

plays in the history of a particular Element has been installed, the with the perception of the hustler. At the very beginning already: New York is silent. Buses and Yellow Cabs driving on Second Avenue, passers-by scurrying about the streets, the subway rattles over a bridge. But you do not hear the Rattle. And also almost nothing else. It plays Dane, a mysterious young boy with a leather Biker jacket, a grey Hoodie and fantastic skills in street fighting. And you running through the streets, under the lights of the city, or in a Back Alley, only muffled the steps of this Central figure perceptible. Because Dane is deaf. And the player it is now. The Quiet Man is a quiet game.

revenge fantasy in the gangster milieu

of Course you can keep this unusual decision against all sound crazy. At least the seem to do a lot of that to give criticism. But this is unfair, finally, the silence makes the game only daring and truly exciting. Large publishers, such as the Japanese manufacturer Square Enix fabricate usually prefer new parts around the fictional archaeologist, Lara Croft, or the role-playing game series Final Fantasy, because you have to reward such a rare risks, Yes: celebrate.

And first of all, the Experiment seems to be working well. The player is apparently in a revenge fantasy in the gangster milieu. Recaps, which are suddenly applied, and partially the game scenes are superimposed, to show the protagonist as a child. His mother has just been shot, on the road. The desperate Boy sees the offender – the same crime boss, in which business he is involved in it now as an adult.

from the beginning of the story confused. Dane is obviously in love with the jazz singer in a seedy club. But it seems to have a different Partner for the Dane at the same time works. A friend, maybe even a Mentor. The singer resembles, in turn, the mother dying in the memory of a childhood on the road. She has the same face, it’s the same actress. With each scene, everything is less comprehensible. The talks, silent and unreadable lip movements of, brighten up, of course, nothing.