Good connection, fast Internet and of course the price: the decision for a cell phone Provider, there are a lot of rules. At the end is likely to have the quality of the network for many with the greatest weight. Finally, the highest theoretical browsing speed and the lowest Fare is of little use if no reception is there. Which provider has the best network, has examined the magazine “Chip” in the annual power test. The biggest Surprise: child of O2, powerful, and crawls in the cities almost to the level of the competitors.

For the first Time since the merger of O2 and E-Plus 2013 creates the Telefónica, a “good” result. With the school grade of 2.22, it is enough only for third place, but the result is significantly better than in previous years. Here you will find the Test from last year. The distance in the overall result remains, in spite of the success. Vodafone achieved a profit of 1.46, the Telekom wins with the total score of 1.36, both of which are “very good” ratings. The test of victory Team Magenta is due to the mobile Internet: While Vodafone is in the case of telephony just in front, is unmatched in the Telecom in this area. It offers by far the fastest Connections, also has the best LTE coverage.

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5G – the LTE-the successor to Germany’s Digital displays-Dilemma

By Malte Mansholt city-country divide

The differences are mainly outside of the cities is noticeable. It is, in fact, metropolises, the provider is now amazingly little. Here, LTE is almost always available, the speed is usually very high. Only in the a lot of visited Hotspots, Vodafone has minimal problems, here you can even pull the O2 in the past. According to the Tester, Telefónica has been in this area after the bad results of recent years a special effort.

On the Land, the measurements look very different. Especially on the roads and in trains, the connection is prone to failure. O2 comes out on the roads only on a LTE coverage of close to 75 per cent, in the case of Vodafone and Telecom, the cover is almost as good as in the city. Telephone conversations can make for all providers problems: Only 77 percent of the two-minute test calls in long-distance trains came from O2 without interference. Telekom (85 percent) and Vodafone (87 percent) have rates higher success to its near-perfect rate of 99 percent in the cities they approach.

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because Of high speed

LTE with a snail’s pace: the Provider

By Malte Mans justify Holt

LTE still has potential

The glimmer of hope is still LTE. For all providers the modern power saw to this year for better voice quality and fast transmission rates.O2 achieved in the LTE network is a part of the stars of 1.70 and is located in this part of the area significantly closer to the competitor, the move to 1.3. In the case of the cover, O2 is lagging behind but more powerful: Only in 84,56% of the measurements the testers were connected via LTE. In the case of Vodafone, it was 97,63 percent, with Telekom even 98.2 percent. Here, Telefónica has the most action. And the greatest potential: it Should be possible to achieve a similar high coverage, could be set significantly lower prices in the O2 network the competitors are under tremendous pressure. In the cities of O2 according to the test result today is a real Alternative.

For the Test Chip back put “” together with the company Net Check, more than 13,000 kilometres through Germany, 10.540 with the car, 3110 with the railway. Were added to the 113 hours on foot through German inner cities. In the process, were carried out with specially prepared Smartphones more than 390.000 measurements.

The full Test, see as well as in “Chip” issue 1/2019, from 30. November in the trade.

tips and traps

cell phone contract: What you need to in the Collective search save pay attention

Cheaper price or good Service, LTE high-speed or prefer to money: the search for The right mobile phone contract is a real challenge. We’ll tell you what you really need to pay attention to.

By Malte Mansholt