How safe are your Bank, your E-Mail account and your Facebook Account? If you are like most of us: Not particularly safe. The reason is simple: We are all much stumbled upon it for too long in the same password.

Because whether or not the number of characters, complexity and constant change: Almost everything what we have been talking about passwords, is actually wrong. The “Change Your Password Day” on may 1. February expert Arno Wacker from the German armed forces University in Munich explains you how to do it better. In order to switch for the last Time their passwords. But for real this time.

by the Way: How to recognize, with little effort, if their own passwords have been stolen in a Hack, you will learn in this article.

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If you find your password on this list, you must use it immediately this change help against password-chaos why you must immediately change your password and when you remain Donald should let the !@#$%^&* and mercedes: these are the worst 100 passwords of the year