What is the Outcry was big. As Apple introduced in the fall of 2012, the iPhone 5, turned the debate after a short time, not to the phone itself, but not even a finger-width Opening at the bottom. Because with the iPhone 5 Apple made the then common, wide 30-Pin charging plug and replaced it with the Lightning-connector, you know, up to today.

And even though the Lightning was plug superior in every way, were enraged many users. For all accessories, from the power supply to the then-popular Docking Stations to play music, was a hit with the new devices. You do not want to then put in the skin of an Apple helpline employee.

Apple dares to take the step to USB-C

Since then, Apple is no longer the stroke of the headphone Jack (which caused at least as much the vertebrae) and the Home Button, only to the charging socket of the group dared to come to close. At least not in its iOS devices, with which the group has the majority of its revenue earned.

And so has reversed the Situation now is completely the opposite: As Apple this year, its new phones introduced – the iPhone XS, XS and XR that came in on Friday to the market, complained some, that Apple will still rely on the old lightning connector.

Keynote: Macbook Air, iPad Pro, and Co: So chic Apple’s new eye-catcher Fullscreen

The Star of the Evening was the new iPad Pro

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it is clear: Now USB-C is the gold standard in the industry. Samsung installed the plug in its Smartphones, as well as Huawei, OnePlus, Sony, and Google. Only iPhones are loaded by strip how 2012. This is curious, because Apple was the Macbook in the year 2015 is set to be one of the first groups, the complete-to-USB-C. Dongles and adapters included. Apple uses the USB-C connector for the proprietary technology Thunderbolt. Which is more powerful than the industry-adopted Standard, and the common plug with any USB-C devices.

a door-opener for the 2019er-iPhone

The new iPad Pro is now the first iOS that Apple dares to take the leap to USB-C. This was long overdue. The professional iPad many possibilities this opens up: So it can be connected directly to a Monitor and other devices, and current donations. Of course, only if you have previously purchased the appropriate charging Stripping – in this respect, Apple remains true to itself.

The iPad Pro is alone due to the high price, there is no device for the masses. And yet it is seen as a door opener for the next generations of the iPhone, the be converted in the coming year, most likely, also on USB-C. Because of that, Apple’s phone does, only with the help of adapters to the brand new Macbooks or iPads to connect, is anything but intuitive.

the days of The Lightning connector should be counted.

Tablet tried

Apple’s new iPad falls out of the frame

Apple has unveiled in New York, new iPads. The new models have such as iPhones, without more, is extremely a lot of computing power and a big price tag. We have tried the new Tablets with pen already.

By Christoph Fröhlich