The German Version of the Online encyclopedia Wikipedia goes on Thursday to Protest against the planned EU copyright reform for an entire day offline.

“For the first Time, the German-speaking Community of authors is to perform a complete shutdown,” it said in a blog post the Wikimedia. Several other language versions may follow this example, or the Banner on the main page. The reason for the Protest was the planned copyright reform on Tuesday in the European Parliament to be voted.

Wikipedia-Association justifies the shutdown

The Association has defended the shutdown on Thursday. “This is the most drastic means, we have at our disposal in order to point at something”, said the head of politics and law in the case of Wikimedia, John Weitz man, in “radio world in the Morning” in the channel Bayern 2. Weitzman hopes that the European copyright reform is amended, in Brussels, since they could meet in the proposed Form is absolutely non-commercial platforms on the Internet such as Wikipedia sensitive.

resistance to copyright reform

Wikipedia will shut down for 24 hours in Protest

It was still unclear whether such platforms, the exception rules will apply to the said Weitzmann. “The whole approach on exceptions, the gaps are in the current draft is very, very difficult. It is a bit like that, so if you shoot with the shotgun on all platforms, and a few schussichere West. This is neither the future nor the draft law provides security.” Wikipedia Germany could then be used for pictures and Videos, made liable to the User without copyright permission on the platform. Weitzman stressed that the shutdown of Wikipedia on Thursday to stay “for the first time a one-time thing”. “This will not be in the future of the Standard. We are not a political platform.”

What changes to the copyright reform?

With the copyright reform should be committed to Internet platforms to remove content, for the of the authors, no license has been granted. Except companies that have been in existence for less than three years, whose annual turnover is less than ten million euros and their users is a number under five million per month.

companies that exceed these Thresholds, must block downloaded content from the license holders provided lists, and prevent non-approved works will appear again on your platform. Even if you are not prescribed in the Directive, this can be achieved in practice, because of the data volumes only with the controversial Upload Filters to achieve, many of which are criticized as a means for censorship.

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