Since 2006, goes to Heidi Klum on top model search.

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Currently, the young struggling models in the 14. Season for the title of “Germany’s next Topmodel”. Since the Premiere in 2006, has been filed on the concept of the talent show from year to year, but popular Details are retained. Here are ten exciting facts about Heidi Klum Show at ProSieben.

1. A top model’s

invented The idea of the show, in which young girls want to fulfill your dream of Modeling, and some of the Challenges need to survive comes from supermodel Tyra Banks (45). You brought the Show as Executive producer and main judge, in 2003, to US television. 22. and last season was broadcast until December 2015. In 2006, Banks’ colleague Heidi Klum (45) went on with the Show in Germany at the Start. Worldwide, there are approximately 20 cuttings.

2. Heidis men

almost From the start, there is Heidi Klum and the Jury sound. Without the support but it wasn’t. In addition to their already well-known men in the fashion world were allowed to take place. In total, there were seasons in 202 episodes in 13, twelve in number: Peyman Amin (47), Kristian Schuller (48), Thomas Hayo (50), Bruce Darnell (61), Armin Morbach (47), Boris Entrup (40), Rolf Scheider (63), Qualid “Q” Ladraa (35), Thomas Rath (52), Enrique Badulescu (57), Wolfgang Joop (74), Michael Michalsky (52) and Thomas Hayo (50). The latter is since his final appearance of the 2018 frontrunner, he was allowed to rate eight Times by the candidates, together with Klum. Since the 14. Season, there is now a new Jury concept: Alternating guest judges, such as Lena Gercke (31) and Toni Garrn (26) in addition to Heidi Klum place.

3. The chick

young, who wants to be a Model. As the minimum age, the Show managers have set from the beginning, 16 years. This is exactly the age Jennifer court, when she applied in 2008 for “GNTM”. In the final, which took place in June, she picked up the age of 17 in the victory. Also, Lovelyn Enebechi was 16 years old. They remained there until the end also and 2013 it was named the youngest winner of the “GNTM”.

4. The profit size

In the size of presses, the judges for a long time a blind eye. However, in 2013 it was more strict and adapted to the international standards: 1,76 m was a minimum size, which had to bring the Applicants without High Heels. Before even girl could dream of, with 1.72 m from the catwalk career. “GNTM”winning would be like Jana Beller (28; 1.73 m) in 2011, and Barbara Meier (32; 1.74 m) in 2007 through the Grid. With a size of the Models were able to score so far: Six of the previous 13 winners of 1,78 m.

5. Shooting extreme

to date, probably the highest Shooting the candidate completed in the current season on the snowy summit of the Gaislachkogel peak – 3048 meters above the sea level. Deep down it went with Star photographer Rankin. He photographed the model candidates in 2011, in a Tunnel of the London sewer system. Suitable for the Location of the candidate posing indoor in addition to rats. Speaking of animals: With around 20 different species have been worked at “GNTM” in front of the camera, including snakes, bees, and cockroaches. Not only the Models, the shooting partners provided often for pikierte faces. Animal rights activists did not agree with the terms and conditions for the animals on the Set, and criticised.

6. A great variety of

In the last few years has changed the modeling industry. The theme on the catwalk is increasingly diversity. So has also changed the casting show. In the 10. Season with a transsexual Model first appeared: Pari Roehi from Berlin at the age of 19 a sex change. On you Giuliana Farfalla, Melina Budde and Soraya Kajevic followed. 2019 Tatjana (21) is the fifth Transgender candidate. In addition, external anomalies, such as Piercings and Tattoos are not a criterion for exclusion in terms of dimensions, it is less strict. 2018 have been selected for the first Time Curvy Models in the “GNTM”-Castings. The most successful example from the 13. Season Pia bolt (23), which is reached in the final for third place.

7. From the catwalk in the jungle

Not only the candidates from the stations own Shows such as “American idol” or “The Bachelor” are welcome participants in the RTL jungle camp. Ex – “GNTM”-candidates who ran in the competitive channel ProSieben on the catwalk, dare to be already in the Australian jungle, a total of nine in number, including Sarah Knappik (32), Gina-Lisa Lohfink (32) and Nathalie people (22). Most recently, Gisele Oppermann (31) tried in January 2019, with your luck, in many tests it lacked your Courage. Best Larissa Marolt (26). They finished 2014 in second place. And two of the participants were familiar to the TV viewers from the “GNTM”-universe: judge Rolf “Rolfe” Schneider went 2015 to the Camp. Alexander “Honey” Keen (36), the Ex-boyfriend of winner Kim Hnizdo (23), was set in 2017, the adventure.

8. The success of the year

in 2009, ran it for the Show up to now, at best: an Average of 3.83 million viewers watched the young models as they fought for the win and Sara Nuru (29) it could represent. Since then, the rates go steadily. For the 13. Season ProSieben was able to achieve an average of 2.38 million viewers. Year for year, fear the Fans, therefore, whether the “image” gets another season.

9. Social-Media-Star

For the candidates, it is increasingly important to present themselves during and after the Show on Social Media. Stefanie Giesinger has blossomed after their victory, quickly, to the Influencer-Star, and today can be seen proud of the 3.5 million Instagram Followers. Only winner Lena Gercke follows her 2.1 million Followers. Anna Maria Damm (22; 1.4 Million), Betty Dove (24; 990 Thousand), Sarina Nowak (25; 503 Thousand), Elena Carrière (22; 481 Thousand.) and Anuthida Ploypetch (21; 452 thousand.) have taken the opportunity to use the platform for yourself and your modeling career. In the 14. Season brought Enisa Bukvic (24) is already Social-Media-experience with in the Show. Your Account is one 551.000 subscribers.

10. Star casserole in the Finale

The “GNTM”Finale, the transfer a year live on TV and with the audience in a large hall will be celebrated, on was already waiting with lots of Stars. A total of 36 artists, including international Stars such as Lady Gaga (32), Katy Perry (34) or Jason Derulo (29). Repeat offenders Monrose (three appearances) and Rita Ora (28, two appearances). Lena Meyer-Landrut (27), Olly Murs (34) and DJ Kygo (27) could not occur in 2015. Because of a bomb threat, the Finale had to be cancelled and two weeks later, repeated – the only one on the stage was Kygo. For 2019, the Fans hope for a special appearance: Heidi Klum fiance Tom Kaulitz (29) could occur with his Band “Tokio Hotel”, because the musicians deliver with “Melancholic Paradise” this year, the title song of the Show.