Munich – This process brings even the judge in a Rage! “We live in a culture in which everyone is allowed to fall in love. It is in this respect no difference between a man and a woman. This may be in your culture in a different way“, grumbled district court judge Robert Grain in the direction of the dock. Father, mother and brother of the schoolgirl took on Tuesday before the district court of a confession.

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Syrian girl from Munich is seeking has the “wrong” friend – To the punishment of the family

Incredibly, what had done to the members! In the Christmas holidays in 2017, they learned that Lela (Name changed) had a Afghans as a friend, what they disapproved. In order to prevent the further handling, handles the members to take drastic measures: for Three days they locked up Lela in the apartment of the parents, the pupil had to sit on the floor, got nothing to eat or drink.

The family watched the girls and put it under pressure. Multi-Mohamed S. (66) joined his daughter on the head and face and threatened her, the throat. Brother Mohamad and mother Rana helped that Lela could not escape.

Richter in Munich: “you have treated your daughter like a dog”

judge Grain: “it was psychological torture. You have treated your daughter like a dog. She was dishonored.“ And further: “This aspect of their culture that I reject completely. This is a despicable. You should be ashamed of themselves.“

His daughter had dragged Mohamed S. even to the bathroom and asked to lick the toilet with the tongue clean. Racked with fear, Lela dared to tell, until the middle of January, in the school of the incidents. Shortly thereafter, the girl was taken into care and sent to a secret location, where she has since been supplied.

Any statement of the victim before the local court of Munich

Before the court, Lela was supposed to act as a witness to testify, which denied the 17-year-old schoolgirl. The judge wrote that your parents should not be punished. This is also why only probation imposed penalties, in spite of the severe abuse.

father Mohamed said: “I apologize for my misconduct.” His wife was crying: “I miss Lela.” Prosecutor Ulrich countered: “Lela has to fear for their safety and hide.”