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He read a court document and the key to hand over his office: Although Hubertus Knabe by the Board of Trustees of the Stasi victims memorial, was removed at the weekend as a Director because of his way of dealing with the sexism accusations that he appeared on Monday morning in hohenschönhausen. The dispute to its Person escalated it once again. And the memorial for a few hours two heads.

in The afternoon, the regional court of Berlin decided, however, a boy obtained an interim injunction to temporarily suspend. Culture Senator Klaus Lederer (Left) had lodged on Monday morning, opposition against the ruling, that boy needs to be busy until the end of March. A boy “must not now be but for the time being in his area,” said the court on Monday afternoon. Until the final decision of the civil chamber on Lederer’s opposition to the preliminary injunction could not be completed.

The court justified the new decision with the decision of the Board of Trustees from Sunday. The control panel had dismissed a boy with immediate effect and irrevocably, as a Board of management and the Director of the memorial. For the decision of the Board of Trustees has played according to the court, the report by Marianne Birthler a role. She was appointed in September as a person of trust.

chap pulled up in front of the district court

Birthler should have more than 40 trust talks and explains, in any of the discussions, the sexism and harassment allegations attached to had been questioned. Rather, employees would have a boy as afraid of Hubertus. Therefore, it is for the Foundation not reasonable that a boy going up to the final decision. To the competent civil court must convene a hearing date.

welcome. As Hubertus Knabe appeared on Monday in the memorial Hohenschönhausen, he was received by the Stasi Victims with flowers. © Paul Zinken

boy was Welcomed in the Morning at the gate of the memorial of several victims of the SED regime, which presented him with flowers. In a short statement, he said: “I am here today, because the land court of Berlin has abandoned the culture Senator, let me, again, as a Director of the Foundation memorial hohenschönhausen.” He was pleased that he could devote himself again to his task in life, the reappraisal of the GDR injustice. “I would like to work with the Board of Trustees.”

boy rejected the allegations that he had condoned the harassment of mitbeiter the inside. “The opposite is the case.” He criticized that he “had not been informed up to the present day” who had felt harassed. Wrong, the assertion that there had been a climate of fear among employees at the memorial.

As reported, a boy obtained a preliminary injunction before the regional court first of all, a partial success. The court had repealed its exemption. However, the Board of Trustees decided at a hastily convened special session after that, boy and as the Executive Board and the Director of the memorial Foundation with immediate effect and irrevocably dismiss. The Berlin culture Senator Klaus Lederer (Left) led panel had a disruption of the relationship of Trust between the Board of Trustees and the Board of management to a degree found, that could further perception of the office as the Board of Directors by a boy exclusive, it said in a Sunday evening statement published. Due to the suspension of the first court decision, success is Knabes part of re-lapses.