Alicia Keys wants to make the “journey” itself to the public

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Alicia Keys (38, “Raise A Man”) went under the authors – and none knew of it. As the singer is in a common Video with Oprah Winfrey (65, “What have I learned from life”), she has written a book about her life. “More Myself” should be on the one hand, autobiographical and documentary, on the other hand, it was the musician important that it is a biography not a classic car. Much rather the book of a trip to tell to yourself.

With magic to happiness

“More Myself” is produced by Winfrey’s house Oprah Book. How the singer felt about the writing process? “There are all these places was really interesting, and moments in my life that have filled me with fear, panic or Pride,” says the singer of her famous friend.

In the same train, she asks the US talk master, when for the first Time, I knew that she was “you”. Winfrey’s response: “As I have felt in my own skin so well that I could say what I felt without worrying about whether everyone is okay with that.”

Keys agrees. You’ve made a very similar experience. “You don’t have to compare yourself to other people, you don’t have to make other people happy,” she says in the Video. “The goal is that you make yourself happy.” The key to success: According to the singer, everyone had to find out for yourself what you like, or even love, “what makes you magic feel”.