a countless Number of large corporations to stop their advertising on Youtube. Reason: pedophiles use the comment columns of mostly harmless Videos with (scantily clad) in children, to exchange ideas and to network. To belong to the company, among other things, Nestlé, Disney, Dr. Oetker, Kellog’s, and Fiat Chrysler. The Google video portal has been deleted in a first reaction, more than 400 channels and millions of comments. They wanted to work together on the Problem, quoted a spokesman of Youtube in the US-industry portal “The Verge”.

2.4 million clicks for Blogger Watson

The advertising ban is a response to a post of blogger Matt Watson. Had to unravel a few days ago in a 20 minutes long Video in detail, such as people with a sexual interest in children the Youtube features to make for interesting Videos. So you could come across with the help of certain search terms to the desired Videos, and the program to train, to get only these and similar Videos is proposed. The post met with a tremendous Echo, and was seen in a few days, 2.5 million Times.

The “mirror” said Youtube announced that any content – including comments -that endangers minors, is disgusting. “We have clear guidelines that prohibit this.” Illegal activities had been reported to the competent authorities. A spokesman for the U.S. Telecom company AT&T said, “until Google can’t protect our brand against objectionable content of any kind, we will remove any advertising from YouTube.”

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