Thomas Gottschalk is betting 2020, once again, “that..?” moderate

©imago/Sven Simon

by the end of July 2018, the “mirror had reported” that the Moderator Thomas Gottschalk (68) in the year 2020 on the occasion of his 70. Birthday again the ZDF-Show “that..?” moderate’m going to bet on. Now the channel has confirmed this Plan. In an Interview with “goldenekamera.de” said the ZDF-entertainment chief Oliver Heidemann: “Who has fun at city bets, excavators and a lot of Thomas Gottschalk, should be switched on in may 2020 in the case of us – because we celebrate Gottschalk’s birthday in the Form of a Show, which is still what many viewers think, and hope.”

one-time Comeback

In an interview with “DWDL.de” said Heidemann, “The round birthday of Thomas Gottschalk next year in may and I want to put it: If you are the excavator operator and have a good idea, you should apply, definitely”.

Further Details are not yet known. It is, however, only a one-time expenditure.

The Show “Wetten, dass..?” ran for over 30 years in the ZDF, from 1981 to 2014. Gottschalk had taken over the Moderation of 1987 by Frank Elstner (76). With a small break in the years 1992 and 1993, he hosted the program until 2011. The search for his successor lasted almost a year, until Markus Lanz (50) was presented in 2012. 2014 was betting “that..?”.