“the Iceman” – the so-called Mark Fellows on the streets of Manchester. For his ice-cold kind of notorious Criminal has just been convicted for two murders to life imprisonment. They were the highlights of a bloody feud between rival gangs in an English city. And would not have been elucidated without Fellows Obsession for sports.

Because the police stood in front of a wall of silence. 2015 Gangster Boss Paul Massey was executed literally, 18 from an Uzi submachine gun fired bullets hit the man in the driveway of his house, while he tried to hide desperately behind a dumpster. The police knew that the murder was due to a band conflict, witnesses found it but no. The people were afraid.

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Dieter Hoß Bloody gang war

in the light of the bloody conflict that was no wonder. The so-called A-Team and a second gang, the the from a spin-off resulting Anti-A-Team, threatened, beat and shot at over the years. There were injured by machete attacks, to the house of an A-Team member was even thrown a hand grenade.

But the population-in-law. Even as a mother and her seven-year-old daughter in the legs was shot, grabbed no one. The murder of Massey “- racking and most frustrating” case he had ever seen, said one of the police officers told the Guardian.

error at the second murder

the Killer showed up at all on the Radar of the police, he had to due to an error in the case of a second murder. John Kinsella, another Gangster Boss, it was 2018 before the eyes of his pregnant wife, first in the back, and then, lying on the floor, twice shot in the head. As the offender ran off with the bike, he was captured by security cameras. The police had with the Fellows, the led is now a nondescript life as a family man, and chef, and finally a Suspect.

The police, it was quickly clear that the second murder with Massey’s death could be related. Despite the ongoing violence stood out the two murders, and their brutal execution in the style of an execution. Also in Massey’s murder, a Bicycle was used as a getaway vehicle.

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Treacherous Sport Route

Then the police Fellows found Fitness. As a passionate runner and cyclist, he had logged his sports-progress meticulously with a Garmin watch. Also on a photo, the Fellows showed just before Massey’s death in a 10-kilometer run, he wore the watch. The investigators asked experts to analyze the collected data and were able to find.

Just a few weeks before Massey’s death, Fellows had tracked a sports activity, whose Route of Fellows house led to the scene of the crime. From the speeds of the individual sections, the investigators concluded that he had partially laid to foot, partly with the wheel. So, as you suspected it at the fleeing perpetrator.

Overwhelming evidence

With this Knowledge, the investigators evaluated specific to the Material of the security cameras and the mobile phone masts in the area and were able to prove that Fellows was in the weeks before the murder several times. That was enough to bring Fellows not only because of the Kinsellas, but also due to Massey’s killing in court. With him, another man was accused, Steven Boyle,. He had held for Fellows in Kinsellas murder guard, in Massey’s case, the police went well.

But Boyle wanted to do with the first murder. In order to prevent a conviction, he broke even the gangsters, the usual Silence. Fellows have committed “more than likely” the murder of Massey, said Boyle, according to the “Guardian” in front of a shocked audience before the court. Fellows should have drawn then to Boyle, the Hand on the throat.

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By Malte Mansholt life-long revenge-fear

Whether Fellows can revenge actually, is a different matter. Because of the brutality of the murders, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. This high penalty is in England, with the exception of Only 70 more people to sit there after the “Sun” is currently a life sentence. Boyle was convicted of complicity in the murder of Kinsella to a minimum of 33 years imprisonment.

Also, Fellows will have to fear in the prison of his life. According to the “daily star” should have been suspended because of the murders a bounty of 150,000 pounds on him. “He will have the Rest of his life to look around,” the newspaper quoted an Insider. “He killed a notorious Gangster Boss that had a lot of friends. These people are vindictive and prepared to wait. Sooner or later, he will be vulnerable – then you have to beat.”

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