Veronica Ferres plays in a drug-Thriller

©Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

The German actress Veronica Ferres (53, “Under German beds”) has been in some great TV and film productions, worked. Your next project takes you to Hollywood now. The 53-Year-old plays in the drug-Thriller “Dreamland” at the page of Oscar-winner Gary Oldman (60, “The darkest hour”), Armie Hammer (32, “Call Me by Your Name”) and Evangeline Lilly (39, “Ant-Man and the Wasp”).

What’s it about?

“Dreamland” is the new Film from Director and screenwriter Nicholas Jarecki (39). It is the Follow-up to his strip the “no-Arbitrage – Power is the best Alibi” from the year 2012. “Dreamland” is the first feature film that deals with the international Opioid crisis, reports The Hollywood Reporter. In the Thriller three drugs collide-stories to each other.

There would be a drug dealer, who arranges a large-scale Fentanyl-trafficking in several drug cartels between Canada and the United States. An architect who is recovering from their oxycodone Addiction and find out what to do, her son with narcotics. In addition, a University Professor, with unexpected revelations about his research, the client has to fight. It is a pharmaceutical company that wants to put a pain reliever on the market, this is addictive.

“the devastating effects of The Opioid crisis has reached all corners of the society”, quoted in “The Hollywood Reporter” Jarecki. “Gary, Armie, and Evangeline, are the perfect actors to bring the human face of this epidemic in front of an audience.”

For Veronica Ferres is not the first Hollywood production. You already shot movies, among other things, Nicolas Cage, Willem Dafoe, Robert De Niro, Jeff Goldblum, Sir Ben Kingsley, John Malkovich, Keanu Reeves and Catherine Zeta-belonged to Jones to the Cast.