New allegations against Facebook: Spotify, Netflix, and a canadian Bank to have had access to the Chats of the user. In the process, they were able to read chat, and even in the name of the user writing. The “New York Times” citing internal Facebook documents. Also Microsoft’s Bing search engine had, therefore, access to the names of Facebook friends of a user. Facebook has defended the access to user data for companies. The Online network is stressed, the interfaces were designed to allow users contact to your Facebook-friends on the other platforms. They had also been only activated after a login, it said in a blog entry on Wednesday.

these links from the Facebook account with other services and not for the first Time questions. The Online network sees in it no violation of the privacy requirements: The user could have just had on the platform of the Partner company access to your Facebook data. Critics argue that the data, for example, information from friends, had been given without their consent.

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anger on the head of Apple? Mark Zuckerberg prohibits Facebook managers the iPhone

By Malte Mansholt

At the same time, Facebook confirmed that the interfaces were still 2017 is available, although access to the data is actually set in 2014. That shouldn’t have happened, admitted by the competent Manager Konstantinos Papa Miltiadis. Facebook but I have no evidence that there had been misuse of data after the end of the program. The Online network also named the “New York Times” itself in the list of partners, which data gave a link with Facebook -.

According to the “New York Times” should have benefited both Facebook as well as the partners of the Deal. Therefore, Facebook from partners such as Amazon, Yahoo, or the Chinese Smartphone vendor Huawei have get data such as contact lists, which had then been, among other things, for friendship suggestions. This is clear from hundreds of pages of internal documents available to the newspaper. In the past year, including Sony, Microsoft, and Amazon E-Mail would have been able to retrieve addresses from Facebook users about their friends.

Netflix and Spotify got the sheet according to the right granted to write private messages of users to read and delete. The Streaming provider stated that this was not you have been aware of. You want to have used the Feature never.

source: New York Times

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Sex-parties, killer drones, data greed: How the Silicon Valley in 2018 and his innocence lost

Awesome, very nerdy and likeable naive – so the world looked for a long time the Silicon Valley. And also the Tech-industry even liked in the Image of the liberal do-gooders. But this year, this facade coincided more and more. And revealed a world of Sex, greed, and unscrupulous business.

By Malte Mansholt mma / DPA