Mozilla uses in its Firefox Browser in the future, on Artificial intelligence of the game manufacturer Ubisoft. In the development of new versions of the tool the “Smart Commit in the future”, announced the non-profit organization.

“We expect this to us, it was hundreds of hours in the risk analysis and detection of Bugs in one part” in a message. Ultimately, three to four out of five Bugs could be detected even before they’d programmed in the Code. The users should benefit from more stable versions of the Browser.

The “Commit”-the wizard had presented to Ubisoft for the first time about a year ago at a developers ‘ conference in Montreal. He comes from the innovation workshop “La Forge” of the canadian company. Based on Artificial intelligence, the Tool detects patterns of programming errors directly in the development of Software and to make the time-consuming subsequent Troubleshooting redundant.

in the Meantime, the intelligent assistant from Ubisoft was lined with a great amount of lines of code. On the Basis of the contained errors and the corresponding corrections, the wizard provides recommendations for programmers. Ubisoft even expects the “Commit”wizard could save up to 70 percent of the cost of game development. A tremendous amount of data and a tremendous amount of computing power is needed, “said La Forge,”CEO Yves Jacquier, the US magazine “Wired”.